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According to Marketingprofs, Over 2M blog posts are created every day. This means that of 46 people have already pressed the submit button before you finish reading the three sentences. With such kind of blog posts being submitted each minute, it gets harder for your blog to stand out. The situation is even direr if you`re not an authority blog or have just launched your blog.

However, not driving enough traffic is partly not your fault. For one, the odds are against you, and two you`re fighting for an audience against other competitors.

But the process of getting a slice of the crowd’s attention is not as hard as you think. It entails tweaking some of your content and understanding the mindset of your targeted audience. Here are a few tips on how to boost traffic to your blog within one day.

1. Repurposing of content

The term repurpose is self-explanatory. When you repurpose a piece of content on your blog, you are either changing the target audience for the content or changing the format of the content.

Changing the format of content includes creating infographic or eBooks from blog posts for easy sharing, the creation of static images that can easily be shared on Pinterest, and the creation of slide decks with short presentation guides.

Some of the key benefits of repurposing content include:

  • Good for SEO
  • Reach more prospects
  • Increases the content shelf-life
  • Maximize on multi-channel marketing.

2. Find new social connections

Social media is the fastest way to get your online content read and shared. According to Pewinternet, of the 80% of the internet users in the US, 68% use Facebook. You can consistently employ a participation strategy by using hashtags while creating your content.

Alternatively, if you need efficiency in promoting your business or content, you can use Smarter Solo Ads to help you market effectively.

3. Make your content visual

If you want to separate yourself from the rest of the marketers and drive more traffic to your blog, it’s time you incorporate more visuals into your content. Statistics indicate that more than half of the internet users have reposted an image they`ve come across. Combine this with the fact that more than 65% of us are visual learners and visual learning is more persuasive. Use of visuals makes total sense in your effort to drive traffic to your blog.

Some of the visual forms include; videos, infographics, memes, screenshots, presentation and images.

4. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blog is dodgy. You don`t want search engines to think you`re manipulating traffic through unorthodox methods. The trick here is proving hair-raising comments that are worth sharing or form a basis of intense discussion. You can then redirect the traffic to your blog.

5. Using Q&A platforms

You can use platforms such as Quora or LinkedIn to provide detailed answers concerning your niche. And when it fits, supply a link to your blog. This will ultimately get traffic going to your site.