how-to-learn-to-use-wordpress-quickly-and-effectivelyOver the years, WordPress has grown from being a blogging platform to a full-blown content management system, and today it boasts a stunning range of features – including support for themes, plugins, and numerous other bells and whistles that extend its capabilities far beyond what most blogs would ever need. At the same time, it has still retained its signature user-friendliness – making it a great way to start a website, for any purpose.

Assuming it’s your first time using WordPress, the fastest way to learn the ropes is via one of the many, many video guides that are out there. Because WordPress is so widely used you’ll find that there are tons of resources that deal with it – some of which cover the entirety of its features, and some that are more specific.

The trick to learning how to use WordPress from video tutorials is simple: Practice. No matter how good the tutorial, the only way that what you learn is going to stick is if you actually put it into practice and try it out for yourself. By doing so you’ll find that you’re able to maybe even zoom ahead of the guide that you’re following, and the more you get used to WordPress the more everything will sort of fall into place.

At first you may want to start at the beginning and learn how to install WordPress, post blog posts, use pages, and set up a basic blog-like website. After that you can start to experiment with themes, plugins, and the other features to really put it through its paces. Assuming you want to go even further, you could develop your own themes and plugins to really customize your website.

All of this and more can be done with the help of video guides – but the one thing you may want to consider is saving the ones that you find useful so that you can refer to them even without an internet connection. To do that you could use the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac.

Essentially the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is a video capture software for Mac that is easy to use and very intuitive. It will let you record online video streams by positioning the recording area where they’re playing, and starting to record. When the recording is done you can save and optimize it for any device or platform with the help of the presets that are available.

The reason why these presets are so attractive is they include support for mobile devices, as such you can capture the best video guides that you come across and then optimize them for your smartphone or tablet so that you can carry them with you wherever you are. Effectively that will ensure that your reference material is always ‘on hand’ no matter where you may be. Also, you could watch the video guides on your mobile device while performing the actions that they’re guiding you through on your Mac – which is a great way to get things done more effectively.