how-to-make-more-money-from-a-websiteLet’s assume you have a decent traffic on your website. You are super excited about this, but not sure how to make more money out of your website popularity. Don’t worry there are several marketing strategies implementing which you can easily increase your revenue. This article doesn’t provide any magical tips to help you get rich overnight. But, if you are ready to put effort and time, very soon your site will bring you a steady passive income.

1. Post affiliate links on your website

The first and the most widespread strategy to increase revenue from a website is affiliate marketing. When you join Affiliate program, sellers will provide you with a unique link that you can use anywhere you want to refer users to the target site. Majority affiliate programs offer ready – made banners, slogans, text links and other creative copies that you can use in your promo campaigns. When interested users make a purchase or subscribe to a service through your link, as a referrer you get a commission. It sounds easy, but in reality, it is much harder to implement.

On the first place, do not fall into a trap and start promoting every single product that offers an affiliate program. Choose wisely and try to promote only those products that you have tested or purchased yourself. This will help you stay focused and do a proper promotion. Also, do your best to understand the market needs of the products you are going to promote and do your research. Search for products that are loved by a wide audience and most relevant to the topic of your site. Otherwise, if a demand for a product is low then no matter how hard you try, you are not going to have many sales. The last, but not least be transparent and state openly that you have affiliate links on your site. This will show that you respect your audience and will increase the chance that someone will actually make a purchase through your link.

A good example of a wise usage of promo links can be website.


The site owner clearly states that he is an independent reviewer and some links are affiliate links. He also chooses one niche – website builders – for all of his affiliate products and does review only for them. In such a way his audience knows what to expect.

2. Add an online store

Each day more and more people prefer shopping online. Modern technologies offer all the necessary and secure infrastructures for anyone to start selling online. To add an online store to your website, you do not need to have technical skills or technical guys, sitting next to you. Such SAAS systems as Sellbeing offer everything you might need to run a successful ecommerce website, including customizable product options, catalogue, flexible shipping and tax rules, payment methods, a responsive checkout page, beautiful and easily adjustable themes and much more.

If you are a fan of WordPress, you can use WooCommerce plugin that will give you a full control to sell anything. A big advantage of WooCommerce is that they have a huge community of developers. Once you need any advanced feature, you will easily be able to find someone who can help you

To inspire you here are some great examples of websites that already started generating cash after adding ecommerce websites.


Codepen is a service where you can share different code techniques with editable source code. Developers just love this tool.


GitHub is a place where people build software. More than 12 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 31 million projects.

Do you also have a brand that is loved by people, but don’t want to deal with shipping, printing and all these ecommerce hassle? Then make sure to check Once you sell a t-shirt, mug or other product on your online store to someone who loves your design. Printiful automatically prints, packs and ships order to your client. Your customer receives the shipment with your branding. It is a perfect. So, there are no more excuses for not adding an ecommerce website anymore.

3. Add a job board

Forgetting about adding job boards is a commonly overlooked revenue generating strategy most websites do. Job board market is emerging. More and more people prefer to search jobs online. People are always interested in what’s happening in their industry. Where do people usually go when they look for a job? Right, they are going to check job boards that are relevant to their industry. So, if you have website that serves to a specific niche, consider you have won a bingo. Employers will be happy to pay you to post their jobs and/ or advertise their company. Job board can become a huge revenue channel, if used and promoted wisely.

On the market, there are tons of good and easy to use solutions that can help you add a job board to your website. Beloved WordPress offers a bunch of great plugins and themes. They are relatively cheap and easy to manage. If you feel that you need a much more powerful solution from the beginning that will have all the necessary integrations, mobile apps and tools to create and manage a job site – then you can check SmartJobBoard job board solution. They offer a wide range of features and you will be able to adjust it as per your needs. How SmartJobBoard is different from WordPress you can check in this article “WordPress job board theme vs SmartJobBoard”.

To generate a revenue from your job site you can through different revenue models. Some of them: job posting, featuring job postings, selling advertising space and offering additional services to your job seekers.

To inspire you, below are some websites that already added job sites:


Smashing Magazine is a popular destination for web- designers and IT people. On this website, you can find a great collection of articles about web-design, web -design trends, usability, user experience and so on. Creative creatures can easily find here interesting projects or full -time jobs they can apply to.

Another great example of adding a job board as an additional revenue channel is

jobs-inbound website is extremely popular among digital marketers.

These are three strategies that can help you get more cash from your website. I am not saying that they are magical pills and by no means they will not make you rich overnight. But, as I said in the beginning if you put enough diligence, patience and effort, then these strategies can generate you a long-term steady passive income.

And what strategies do you use to make more money from your website?