Among various other qualities, WordPress is popular for its wide variety of personalization option and flexibility. A major portion of those customization options deal with designing, which can be both a blessing and a curse for the non-designers. On the other hand, designers always find it good to make a website of their own by changing fonts, color, patterns and images. However, as there are too many options, it is pretty easy to commit blunders and end up with creating a website which looks way less than something professional. So, what should a WordPress user who’s design-challenged supposed to do? Well, all that he needs to do is to keep it simple. Let’s take a look at some tips that you can take into account.

  1. Abide by the basic typographic rules: When it comes to designing a website, typography might not be everything but is something that’s pretty close. Nevertheless, there are few good things that non-designers should know so as to be able to create the maximum effect. You should focus on readability to such an extent that none should require guessing which word they’re looking for in your site. The fewer is the variation of your fonts, the better and focus on smaller variations like style, weight and color of the website.
  2. Don’t reinvent the color cycle: Most people don’t have the sixth sense which tells them the colors which go best with each other and how they can use it in the best possible way in web designing. This special ability is gradually developed over years of practice. So, instead of wondering about the colors that you should use, you may browse through the different color palettes to choose the one that appeals the most.
  3. Try to be subtle during designing: This tip is mentioned particularly to those who are confused about application of colors and the inclusion of images which you wish include in your website. Remember that it is always difficult to look busy and loud at the same time and similarly it is easier to make subtle and simpler things as they offer bigger impact on the design of your website. Try to learn from experience and practice so that you know the colors which suit with each other and which looks well.

There are indeed more than one ways of getting noticed online. Write high quality and relevant content which also matches the theme of the website. Content is perhaps the best form of optimization. Websites of higher ranking are known as authority websites and there are chances for you to include such URLs in order to create credibility for your website. Always think of a good name for all your image files so that this helps in being recognized by search engine giants. Flash is something which is invisible to search engines and hence try your best to avoid it as much as possible.

Just as with the advancement of technology in the field of mobile industry has alarmed people, similar is the case with web development. Follow the WordPress development tips or resources mentioned above so that you can stay an edge over your competitors.