We live in an era when everyone can be social media-famous. To tell you the truth, some of them are more than just famous; they’re influential. They can generate a lot of interest on a particular topic, products or services and even people. As top influencers became more and more recognized, influencer marketing started becoming popular.



In short, influencer marketing uses the power of influencers to get the words out. Instead of placing ads or using conventional marketing tricks, brands, websites and people are now using influencers to convey certain messages.

You too can benefit from influencer marketing to boost your site’s traffic and create awareness. Although planning your first influencer marketing campaign may seem daunting at first, these next few tips will help you get started.

Understand Your (and Your Influencers’) Audience

It is even more important to know your audience when you’re planning an influencer marketing campaign. You need to know exactly who your target audience are following. For example, endorsing a celebrity might seem like an idea that will always work, but in digital marketing, it isn’t. People with interesting, unique content and a large number of followers can be far more effective than celebrities.

Influencer marketing is more about finding that perfect match between your market segment and the influencers’. There are other details to figure out too, including how the message should be conveyed and the image influencers will add to your brand.

Aim for Engagement

Don’t just go after exposure or traffic. As I said before, some people you’ve never heard can have 500,000 Twitter followers or more. When they tweet about your website or your product, you can assume – theoretically, at least – that that message is getting at least 10% of that amount in views or exposure.

But exposure is just one half of the equation. What you need to really aim for is engagement. This is when other people start to react to the influencer’s tweet or message. Replies, retweets or re-shares and quotes will multiply the effect and reach of social media marketing by a huge amount.

Get the Best Help

Unfortunately, influencers are not always easy to contact. They can also be quite difficult to manage. This is where a good digital marketing agency can really help you. Now that you know what you’re trying to achieve through influencer marketing, you can actually have a team of experienced marketers do all the hard work for you.

A digital marketing agency can also help you get in touch with influencers. In fact, they can help you find the right influencers on every platform, provide you with detailed analytics of their accounts and supply you with insights that may prove to be crucial to the success of your campaign.

Tackle these details and you will find influencer marketing to be both easy to run and very effective. It is much more affordable than conventional advertising. You can also measure the results, which means you can calculate the return on investment as the campaign runs.