energy saving tips guides restaurant businessEvery restaurant owner is always on the lookout for means to cut costs and increase profits. One of the major factors that contribute to the success of a restaurant business is the ability to save energy efficiently. Running a restaurant requires making arrangements for lighting, cooling and refrigerating. restaurant equipment consumes more energy than the ones manufactured for domestic use. Taking the following steps will help to save energy in your restaurant and make the environment comfortable for diners and staffs.

Encourage Staff to Be Energy Efficient

It’s important to carry the whole staff along due to the fact that most of them will be handling the equipment. Let them understand the importance of implementing energy saving strategies in the restaurant. In addition, train both new and old staffs on how to operate all the equipment. An energy saving management plan can be designed and make sure that the right staffs are assigned during each shift.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Equipment Model

Commercial equipment that comes with the Energy Star seal has been around for a while. Although they may cost more than the others, investing in them is a wise decision as they save energy. They are even many companies that manufacture restaurant equipment that are budget friendly and of high quality. In case you’ve been running your restaurant business for some time, old equipment can be replaced gradually depending on your budget. There are several trusted restaurant equipment suppliers online. Their services often include delivering, installing and servicing of the equipment. Some even offer warranties for a specific period of time for their customers.

Turn off Idle Equipment

It’s quite common for restaurant equipment like ovens, fryers, dishwashers and grills to be left on when they are not in use. It is very important to turn them off in order to save energy and reduce utility costs. In situations where members of staff normally forget to turn off the equipment, electrical timers can be placed on outlets so that equipment flip off automatically.Some manufacturers now design automatic pan sensors for electric and gas hobs. They assist in conserving energy in the kitchen immediately the pan is removed.

Maintain Equipment Properly

Proper maintenance of any equipment is required if the owner is concerned about extending its life. Many restaurants keep using their equipment without regular servicing until they get faulty. Meanwhile, servicing equipmentmake them more efficient and prevent sudden break down. Burners, refrigerator coils and oven bottoms get clogged with debris or dust over time. Ensure that they are cleaned regularly in order to increase their efficiency.

Consult a Professional

Perhaps you are just starting a restaurant business or upgrading the existing one, it’s advisable to get in touch with a commercial kitchen designer or energy consultant. They usually focus on the maintenance of food-service equipment and also make it easier for your restaurant to observe the maintenance plan for all equipment. Other benefits of hiring their services include offering professional advice when choosing between electric vs gas restaurant equipment.