how to track your daily steps using just your phone
Smartphones are a blessing in disguise for all of us. Earlier we used our mobile phones only to make calls. But now as we all know, a smartphone is really smart because it can help us with several other things and these things are based on our day to day livelihood. Choose the smartphones from the ongoing offers like the Amazon coupons.

The phones are a helping hand for us right from cooking, relationships, baby making and bringing up, maps, shopping and now health & fitness. Staying fit and healthy is a tough affair in today’s lifestyle. So keeping track of your daily steps is essential because it is really important that you get the adequate amount of walking that a human body needs.

A Fitbit, smartwatch, fitness band or a pedometer are few devices that help you with keeping track of the steps you take on a daily basis. But carrying these devices everywhere and anywhere are a hectic thing to do. Sometimes you might even forget to carry the Fitbit along.

Do not worry anymore! Mobile apps for keeping track of your daily steps and movements have arrived. Now do not carry the Fitbit. Smartwatch or the fitness band. Just use these simple mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones and get maximum advantage of the app. There is a built-in app on iPhone through the Apple Health app and on Android phones through the Google Fit App.

Apple Health on iPhones

The information of how much you walked, ran or flew along with your phone will be captured on your HEALTH app on iPhone. To know how much you did just go to the in-built app on your phone.

See how many steps you have taken, how far you have walked during the day, week, month or year. It is easy to see how active you have been and how much more you need to work out. Get the iPhones using exciting deals while shopping online.

Google Fit on Android Phones

google fit on android phones
Google Fit is Google’s answer to Apple Health and is included only on some Android phones. You can also install it from Google Play if you do not have it in-built. Although it works best on Newer phones that have got better motion tracking hardware.

To get started just install Google Fit and provide access to sensors and you’re done! Swipe around to view how many steps you have taken for fitness details and how many calories you have burnt. This data can also be accessed from Google account as it gets stored in the cloud.

Both the apps are almost similar and works exactly the same way. If you use Apple watch or the Android wear watch, these apps can be used with them as well. The more details of your health from tracking your weight, diseases, diet,etc can be tracked with these devices but the basics of the everyday steps can be tracked by these apps as well.

Do make use of the apps on your smartphone to stay fit. Just remember to carry your phone every time you go out for a walk. And to buy a smartphone make use of the deals online like Flipkart coupons that have the best deals on iPhone 7 in unbelievable price drops.