smartphones-featuresSmartphones have entered our lives suddenly and brought about a great change in the way we perceive the world around us. On a global scale, these products have changed the way people communicate. Reaching out to someone is now made simple by messaging applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and Facebook.

Furthermore, these little gadgets were designed to help us greatly improve our lives in several ways. As there are numerous built in sensors, smartphones are rich with extremely interesting features that can provide interesting details about our lives.

The only problem is the price of these devices. Those who have already purchased a smartphone are in a better situation, as there are numerous ways of selling them and upgrading to the newest smartphone releases. If you are thinking about whether you should acquire a smartphone, there are various perks that come with owning these little gadgets.


This is one of the most important features for those who are extremely busy. A wide range of applications are there to improve the way you organize and improve your day. Whether you need a shopping reminder, or a business meeting reminder, the smartphone is there to remind you of any type of task you have planned. The latest Google Calendar update is completely oriented towards helping out smartphone users take advantage of every minute of their time throughout the day.

Of course, this is not the only application that can help you with your obligations; there is a wide variety of choices online specialized for different types of tasks. This is a very useful feature of all smartphones, due to the fact that you carry your organized schedule with you at all times.



Now, this is a tricky part, many people consider that being available to your boss at all times leads to increased productivity, but this is not the case. Smartphones are equipped with a great number of applications that can help you get the job done much faster and with better organization. The fact that we can now easily connect and be online from various places, creates the option of turning that commute time into a productive period.

Ok, so you enter your train to work and you sit there for half an hour boring yourself. However, nowadays, it is possible to connect online and see all important updates, so that you can easily plan out your day. If someone has contacted you over the email, you have plenty of time to respond without losing time while you are at work. More importantly, you can acquire applications such as Microsoft Word, which can further improve your productivity.

Remember one thing though, being more productive means that your smartphone will enable you to do things faster and easier while you are at work, but once your working hours are over, get away from all those things, as a lot of people will consider you impolite for using your smartphone while talking to them.



This is probably one of the best things about smartphones. The fact that they are equipped with a variety of sensors makes it easier for your follow your workout regimen and numerous statistics about your performance. There are fitness apps out there that clearly point to the progress you are making. These applications utilize a GPS sensor and proximity sensors and measure how much you have jogged or how many pushups you have done. Some of the latest smartphones also include heart rate monitors that can give you even more details about your workout.

It is also possible to feed your smartphone with even more detailed information if you connect a smart watch to it. Combining these two devices offers the best fitness performance measurement, which can even be considered professional. This is a very useful feature of every smartphone; even if you are not into training, it is cool to install a tracking app. It will simply remind you to walk a little bit more to stay healthy.


After a long hard day, many of us like to unwind and relax with some sort entertainment. While you are commuting back home, there are plenty of entertainment options offered by these small devices. Some people enjoy kicking back with a relaxing game. The options are actually endless. On the other hand, if you are a music fan, you can access endless music genres with popular subscription based apps. Not to mention that YouTube alone has enough entertaining content to satisfy your needs for centuries. Entertainment is very important and one that comes via your smartphone is mainly free.


Education is one of the most important things in life. The things we learn are always with us. Luckily, smartphones can help us greatly improve our education. There are specific applications dedicated to making users learn a new language. But, more importantly, it is possible to access whole e-learning platforms via specialized apps. For example, it is possible to follow a course on Coursera by using your smartphone alone. This makes smartphones extremely useful for educational purposes.

These are the main features that make smartphones incredibly useful. Unfortunately, people utilize their devices mainly for expressing themselves on social media. If you look at these devices, they are tools created to help us achieve more goals in our lives and not a device created for always being online, wasting time on social media. If you are a truly busy person who is looking for a productivity, organization or fitness tracking solution, owning a smartphone device is the best way to simultaneously improve all these things in an extremely easy way.