future-internet-trendsThe most successful companies look to the future, plan, and act on their strategies; and this keeps them as the most successful companies. Sitting on your hands while those around you use advances in technology and systems to change their approaches is a road to failure. This is why change is good for the web surfer and, eventually, businesses; so how should you be changing your website to keep up with your competitors and making your site future proof.

Target Audience

All businesses should be striving to attract a bigger client base, and there is a change in the attitude of those in touch with internet users when it comes to marketing on the internet. No longer will it be the remit of marketers to bombard the net to make as many hits as possible; a more streamlined, personal approach is needed for customers who want to be respected as individuals. Another change is the demographic of internet users; as the internet figures show a leap of 27% for users over the age of 65, a whole new audience has developed for digital marketers and web designers to impress; and you need to be deciding how best to attract them to your world.

Target Device

Let’s say, for example, you have decided that the best approach to your internet marketing is to employ one of the best SEO marketing companies in Manchester, but, if you haven’t considered how people will read the content, you could have the most pointless strategy in the whole city. After all, people are accessing the internet and searching online more and more with mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones will soon be the most popular way to access the internet, and you need your site to work flawlessly on them. You want your site to attract mobile users; and you will want that “Mobile Friendly” notation from Google next to your name.

Better Content

It may seem obvious to most, that good content will help a site to attract and keep customers and readers, but at the moment, it is not always this strategy that comes out on top. However, moving forward, some of the expected changes that Google will put into its new algorithms will be things like bounce rates, and the time people actually spend on a site. To encourage people to stay, a site will need to be attractive, easy to read and navigate around, interesting, and have relevant information. The days of multiple single hits influencing Google will soon be over, so think about better content now.


If you are not using multimedia yet, you need to start planning for it. Education has already woken up to the fact that multiple input methods lead to better retention, and if you want your site or business to be remembered, there is no better way to engage visitors than to use video, pictures, and audio as well as the written word. However, any multimedia you use should be top drawer, and it should never lag or freeze; these are the types of things that will have people exiting as fast as they arrived.

Nobody should worry about the future; they should simply plan for it.