Smartphone cameras have come a long way since being a convenient (and last-ditch) way of snapping mediocre images. These days, with phone cameras equipped with increasingly complex image taking features, we can expect quality that rivals dedicated point and shoot cameras. Even with LED flashes and double-digit megapixels, however, the average smartphone image could still use a little help.

Whether your snaps need a little touch up for a professional online profile or some fun enhancements for social media, there are many solutions available. Here are five of the best image fine-tuning apps around.


PicSay is a powerful, award-winning photo editor for Android smartphones. The application allows users to manipulate special effects, crop images, correct color, and even add text for titles or in word balloons. This simple to use tool also includes features such as paint, geotagging, red-eye removal, and sticker-like graphics users can add to their photos.

There are free and paid versions of this app available, with the complimentary version offering limited capabilities. To get all the features PicSay has to offer, you will have to buy the pro version from the Google Play store for approximately $3.83.

Adobe Photoshop Touch


Image via Flickr by Janitors

Smartphones such as the Galaxy S5 come with a full suite of photo editing functions. The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful and feature-rich of any smartphone available. It has a 16-megapixel camera as well as numerous different camera settings and photo effects. It even has a selective focus feature that lets you change the focal point of your picture. Since the Galaxy S5 has so many features, you’ll want to pick an editing app that is a cut above the rest. This is where Adobe Photoshop Touch comes in.

Photoshop Touch is a more technically capable image editing app. It is available for Android devices as well as iPad and iPhone, and brings some of the core features of Photoshop Desktop to mobile. There is support for high-resolution images without any downscaling. This is ideal when using a powerful camera such as the one on the S5.

Other features include filters, selection tools, adjustments, and the ability to work with layers. Photoshop Touch costs $9.99 from the Android marketplace or iTunes. Another bonus? With a free membership to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you get 2GB of storage to sync your work across multiple devices.


VSCO Cam is a feature packed editing app for both Android and iOS devices. It has limited camera functions, but the real beauty of this app lies in the image editing features. With VSCO Cam you can tweak image temperature, saturation, and shadows. You can also apply film grain, highlights, and a number of multipurpose filters.

This app comes with its own photo publishing platform, but also allows easy sharing of photos to other social media platforms, including Instagram and Google+. VSCO Cam is free to download and offers a number of in-app purchases, such as extra filters.


Vignette is a full-featured camera application and photo editor. It includes 46 effects, crop function, zoom, 15 frames, and a self-timer. The app also adds film and flash effects to those Android smartphones lacking in this area. Amongst the arsenal of effects the app offers are Polaroid-style, tilt-shift, lomography and toy filters, and cross-processing. The ad-free Android version costs $1.66.

Snapseed Mobile

Snapseed is a free app for iOS and Android devices. It is one of the best gratis applications around in terms of functions and usability. One-touch enhancement combines with a suite of more selective tools, enabling you to get images just right. The autocorrect feature, for example, allows you to either add a quick boost to colors and contrast or fine-tune the image with a simple slider.

Another important function is the Tune Image tool. This lets you adjust things like brightness, warmth, and shadows. There are many other clever offerings through this feature-rich app.

With camera phones becoming increasingly capable and the suite of photo editing apps available, there is little excuse for producing shoddy images. Whether you go for a paid solution such as Photoshop Touch or a free one like Snapseed depends on your individual photo editing requirements. Whichever you choose, creating great photos has never been this easy or fun.