how to check if your vape device is genuine
Smoking an e-cigarette or vaping is the new alternative to smoking that is quickly becoming popular around the globe. There are many popular brands and companies that are known for their high-quality products. However, some other small businesses are taking advantage of such an expanding industry by manufacturing cheap counterfeit of the original product. That is perhaps the reason why you may find the so-called original product at a cheap discount from some random online sellers.

These cheap counterfeits are usually known as clones, which can end up harming the user. To battle this situation, the industry has come up with various verification checks and authentication to distinguish the original products from such clones. Here, we will take a quick glimpse at a few of these authentications of some of the most popular manufacturers that you must check before making a purchase.


Eleaf is one such manufacturer whose clone you can easily stumble across. It is so because Eleaf produces one of the most dependable and robust ranges of products, such as mods, kits, and tanks. Their products are always great value for money. With such a good product in the market, imitators have been producing their own versions and releasing them. The next time you decide to buy an Eleaf product, make sure to check these authentications. You will find the verification on the bottom corner of the backside of the box of the product. Besides the serial number, you will find an area with the ‘scratch and check.’ Scratch the area to reveal an anti-counterfeit code. You can then go and input this code in the Batch Code page in the Eleaf website. This will show if your product is genuine or not.


aspire vape
Aspire is one of the most trusted and popular manufacturers of vaping devices. It has, over the years, introduced some advanced and amazing devices to its users, including tanks, kits, and hardware. Because of its popularity, one may find a lot of clones of the Aspire products. Especially on the more popular devices. And the clones are so well done that they are almost identical to the original ones. This has led the manufacturers to follow some strict verifications and authentication procedures. To authenticate your Aspire product, you must view the bottom corner on the back of the product. YOu will find a ‘scratch and check’ label there, which reveals the verification code. Once you have the code, you can check the authenticity of your product by visiting the Aspire official site.


smok vape
Smok is another reputed and famous vape manufacturer. They are popular for their stylish devices that give you one of the best performances in the industry. They keep on challenging the limits of innovation with their range of devices, which includes their renowned series of coils and vape kits. Similar to the other manufacturers on this list, Smok too faced a big problem with such clones. The problem persisted so severely that it became difficult to distinguish between a clone and a genuine product. To overcome that, Smok came up with an updated system for verification. The process involved asks the users to download the IVPS Tour app. There you would be asked to scan two of the OR codes that you will find in the back of the product box of Smok. Though this method may be time-consuming, it is a 100% validated method.


Considered one of the best that is available in the market, Wismec vaping devices offers its users unique designs with a touch of innovation. However, as the years have passed by, WIsmec saw a rise in the number of clones for their products. Even more so, these clones were being circulated both online and the real markets. Since then, they, too, have come up with a system to assure their users the originality of their product. To check the authenticity, you must look for a label on the reverse side of the product box. The label will consist of a QR code and a serial number. Along with that, you will find a ‘scratch check’ code. You may visit their official website and enter this code to check whether the product is original or a clone.

Final summary

It has become quite a problematic situation with so many clones now being sold freely in the market. However, with this guide, we hope to have helped you to know when you have a clone. In any case, to avoid such a scenario in the first place, always purchase from a verified seller, or you may even search for a vape store near me online.

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