Find out about some effective marketing strategies you can use to launch your amazing new product. From influencers to customer review promotion, these 8 proven tactics can help boost your visibility and drive sales:

1.   Use Branded Promotional Products

Branded promotional products remind people of your business and what it offers. These deceptively simple promotional items can embed your brand into the recipient’s daily life, so long as they have practical use (think pens, calendars, mugs, etc). The reach of these expertly designed promotional products can extend far beyond many traditional marketing methods, driving brand awareness and encouraging curiosity about your new product among current clients and new audiences.

2.   Host A Promotional Event

Why not plan a pop-up event, launch party, exclusive preview, or live social media session to introduce your new product to the masses? Invite influencers, press, industry leaders, and client connections so the event packs the biggest punch possible.

3.   Include An Introductory Offer

Many companies like to get their product out there with a bang as part of a promotional deal. You can achieve this with discounted pricing, creating attractive product bundles, or including more loyalty points or a gift as part of the purchase. Having a deadline for this offer (and shouting about that deadline) can also help create a sense of urgency to buy the product sooner rather than later.

4.   Hire Influencers

Influencer marketing statistics offer overwhelming evidence that this kind of advertising works. Overall, we know brands that partner with the right influencers generally get higher engagement rates than traditional marketing methods. It’s a recommended marketing method for your new product and a must-do if you want a high-impact product launch.

5.   Promote Positive Customer Reviews

Around 99% of customers read reviews when they shop online, and those reviews directly impact their consumer decision-making entirely. When you receive positive reviews for your new product, you should actively promote those glowing comments on your website, social media platforms, PR pieces, email newsletters, and more.

6.   Run A Competition On Social Media

Over a quarter of new customers are acquired using contests. It’s an easy way to gather interest, acquire contact information, and inform people about your product. So whip up some enticing product bundles, and let your creativity run wild, coming up with a contest your followers won’t be able to pass up.

7.   Shout Loud On Email

Create a compelling marketing email to promote your new product to current subscribers. Around 50% of people make purchases based on marketing emails once a month or more, so it’s well worth taking advantage of this medium. A single email could deliver an immediate sales impact and a positive start to your product launch if well crafted.

8.   Try Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is where two brands work together on a mutually beneficial campaign. A brilliant example of this comes from the GoPro and Red Bull – two brands that have collaborated many times to boost each other’s profiles. GoPro has the ability to market across the many sports events hosted by Red Bull, and Red Bull gets mass recording and sharing of its events, furthering the brand reach far beyond those in attendance.

Is there a natural partner for your brand and new product? Finding the one and striking up a partnership could be a great way to create the perfect marketing campaign.

“Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.” – Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn Sales VP

Are you ready to get your new product seen, purchased, and loved? Follow the tips above and push your product launch to new heights.