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Are you looking for a hosting solution that delivers high performance and speed to your website?

Most website owners prefer shared hosting services initially. It is the cheapest hosting solution and, it gives you all the resources and tools that your small website needs to get traffic.

But the thing is, it cannot accommodate the traffic surge on the website/application. It slows down its performance and becomes sluggish. So, you have to upgrade the hosting solution to cope up with its requirements.

The other hosting solutions are WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and cheap reseller hosting. Among these, dedicated hosting is the best hosting solution that is high-powered and gives you high performance. It can handle the heavy traffic on the website/application. It can also handle heavy workloads.

A dedicated server is an excellent option if you have outgrown a shared hosting service or need more resources and power than a VPS. It is an ultimate-performing hosting solution. In dedicated hosting, you lease an entire server for your website/application. There is no sharing of a server with any user.

As all the server resources are exclusive to you, you can experience top-notch performance and stability for your website. Do you want to know which is the fastest and cheap dedicated server hosting provider in the industry?

My recommendation will go to MilesWeb. They offer super-fast and top-notch dedicated hosting services at minimal prices.

MilesWeb offers bare metal dedicated server with full server control. This type of hosting is ideal for your big websites/applications. In this article, you will get to know about MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting service in brief. But, first here is in short about MilesWeb!

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is a web hosting provider based in India that provides web hosting solutions to businesses, individuals &start-ups. The company ranks among the topmost web-hosting providers. They contribute to many web-based businesses to enhance their online presence to the greatest extent. MilesWeb utilizes the latest technology with a 99.95% uptime guarantee and 24×7 support from experts.

What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting? 

The advantages of dedicated server hosting are:

  • Reliability: 

You get 100% reliability for keeping your website up and running.

  • Performance: 

The processing power of the server increases and, the website runs at a very high performance.

  • Security: 

You don’t have to worry about server security because you are the only one on the server.

MilesWeb’s Super-Powerful Dedicated Hosting Features 

100% Dedicated Resources 

No virtualization or sharing of resources takes place in dedicated server hosting. There is an isolated environment which you get where the server is dedicated to you and, also you have the hardware resources all to yourself.


The environment is isolated in dedicated server hosting.

Thus, your bare metal server has a very high level of security and privacy. It decreases the risk of threats by isolating your server rest of the users.

Unlimited Website Hosting

There are zero restrictions on the number of websites you want to host on a dedicated server. You can even switch your website from shared hosting, reseller hosting, or virtual private server hosting to a dedicated server.

Ensured high performance

Because the server resources are not shared, there is no impact on the performance of your website. As a result, your application or website performs better and runs faster.

Choose Your Operating System 

MilesWeb’s dedicated server allows you to install from a range of operating systems from where you can pick. It is an easy process; Select the OS system you want from the options given and notify the support team. They will make your server ready and, you can get started.

Select the Control Panel 

The management of the server is made easy with the numerous control panel that MilesWeb offers. They offer industry-leading control panels like cPanel, Webuzo, and Plesk. Through the control panel, you can make the management of your dedicated server easy. This control panel can be purchased when you checkout from the plan.

99.99% Guaranteed Uptimes

99.99% uptime guarantee is assured with the dedicated server hosting from MilesWeb. About the servers, they are robust and reliable with enterprise-grade hardware. MilesWeb assures this highest uptime guarantee due to its high-end server infrastructure. They monitor the server constantly and resolve if any technical difficulty.

Datacenter in Mumbai 

Your websites are hosted in the prime location of the country. If you have a target audience in the Indian subcontinent. For those, this data center is ideal.

Control over the entire server

You get a completely isolated environment with dedicated server hosting. You also have the option of making changes to your server and installing whichever web applications you choose. Besides, there will be no restrictions on the number of websites you can host. MilesWeb provides clients with full root SSH/RDP access. Acting as a system administrator allows users to run commands with complete control over the server.

Here you can check out their dedicated hosting plans.


Dedicated server hosting is apt for high-demanding websites/applications. It is perfect in terms of security, control, and performance. Register for MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and take your high-demanding website to a new level of success.