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Most of the time, you don’t know when to switch from a shared server to a virtual private server to host your website.

But the best part is, it is good to move from a shared to VPS if you have a growing business. And it cannot handle the heavy traffic or workload on it. So, it is like you start with a shared server and then gradually switch to your own virtual private server. The most challenging task is when you have to select the web hosting provider.

If you take a glance, MilesWeb is reliable, with low prices and some great features to help you succeed online. They have thousands of reviews and feedback on popular review sites.

feature rich affordable vps hosting

So, should you sign-up for their hosting service? To make your decision clear, we have curated this review to help you know if MilesWeb is apt for meeting your needs. It is one of the well-known cheap web hosting Australia and in India And to be precise, we will focus on their VPS hosting service, where you will have a clear about their VPS hosting plans, the prices, and the features you will get!

Let us take a closer look! But, first, let us understand the concept of VPS hosting.

Virtual Private Server hosting is called VPS hosting. It offers users with virtual server environment by making use of virtualization technology. In VPS hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites. And the virtualization technology allows each user to act as an individual machine with its own set of resources and operating system.

To give you an example, in shared hosting, all clients share the resources of the same server. Clients do not get guaranteed resources. They may fluctuate from time to time depending on how many clients are concurrently utilizing the resources.

In contrast, in VPS hosting, users get guaranteed server resources that don’t have to share. There are no fluctuations in the available resources, and clients experience an isolated hosting environment.

VPS hosting is a stable, secured, and the best hosting option for high-traffic websites, business websites, gaming applications. Web hosting providers like MilesWeb offers fast & cheap VPS hosting service at rock-bottom prices. They give you options to choose from managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. In managed VPS hosting, you get worry-free hosting.

You can focus on your business because all the server-related tasks are managed by their expert specialists.

With unmanaged VPS hosting, you have to take care of all the server management tasks. Here we are focusing on their managed Linux VPS hosting plans.

How Many VPS Hosting Plans Does MilesWeb Offer?

For their managed Linux VPS hosting, MilesWeb offers ten plans. With all the plans, you get 24/7 expert support from their team. The choice of plan is all up to you. You need to know your requirements first and pick a plan that best fits you!

The resources range as follows:

feature rich affordable vps hosting1

  • 2vCPU to 40 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM to 128GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk to 500 GB SSD Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth to 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

A 30-day money-back with its VPS hosting plans is promised. It means you can try their services risk-free. If you are not happy with their VPS hosting services, you can cancel them within 30 days of signing up.

MilesWeb’s Best-in-Class VPS Hosting Features!

Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Let MilesWeb handle your VPS server while you pay attention to expanding your business. MilesWeb handles all the maintenance, configurations, customizations, and technical part of your VPS hosting with its managed VPS hosting service. Their Linux certified engineers will maintain and monitor the VPS server for you.

SSL Encryption at No Additional Cost

With MilesWeb’s affordable VPS hosting packages, you get SSL encryption for your website/application for free. The information that flows to and from the internet is encrypted automatically. Hackers cannot access your information when you have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

SSD Storage Disks

Your websites are stored on the servers that have SSD drives built within. They incorporate SSD technology with all servers to assure you the best performing VPS hosting. MilesWeb’s SSD VPS servers function as a reliable hosting platform for your website/application. You can handle heavy web applications with SSD VPS servers.

Intel Xeon Processors

MilesWeb employs Intel Xeon processors with its VPS server nodes. When you talk about the Intel Xeon Processors, they are high-powered processors that run fast. The Intel Xeon Processors are ideal for running heavy workloads or high-traffic websites/applications.

Server Resources Are Guaranteed

You receive server resources specifically dedicated to your virtual server when you choose our low-cost VPS hosting solution. It provides your website or app with a lot of power, low latency, and incredible speed. You can use all of the server resources allocated to host your mission-critical website or app. There is no variation in available resources because server resources are guaranteed. Due to this, websites get the best performance!

Final Words

MilesWeb offers the best fully managed VPS hosting service at affordable costs. With all the plans, you get 24×7 superior support, a 99.99% uptime guarantee. If you are looking to host your website/application that demands more resources to run smoothly, MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans are your go-to option.