The Mobile Advertising Market is here to Stay

mobile-advertisingLove them or hate them, mobile advertisements are here to stay. Unless you work in marketing and advertising, you probably hate them, but there isn’t much you can do to make them disappear without paying for an app that blocks them, which is something that the majority of smartphone users just aren’t willing to do.

Although it’s difficult to remember what life was like without them, the mobile advertising market is a relatively new one in the grand scheme of things. This means that marketers and advertisers have only recently realized the mobile industry’s potential as a lucrative advertising space and are now scrambling to tweak their mobile ad campaigns to reach as many users as possible.

Great Advertising Potential

The mobile industry today has exploded. As would be expected, the mobile advertising industry soon followed suit and is expanding rapidly. Smartphones have become indispensable for most people and are not going away anytime soon. In fact, the industry is still growing worldwide.

Mobile phones are miniature desktops that users can customize to include whatever applications best suit them and their lifestyles. Since these miniature desktops greatly rely on the internet for users to get the full potential out of them, there is great advertising potential open for marketers. However, mobile advertising is unlike any advertising medium that has ever been used before.

A New Approach

Companies are now beginning to understand the amount of advertising revenue that they have been wasting by focusing their ad campaign efforts in the wrong direction when it comes to the mobile market. Enough time has passed at this point for analysists to conduct the studies necessary to understand where mobile users spend most of their time and how they use their mobile devices. This is crucial for companies who want to stop their ad revenue from going down the drain.


For example, studies have recently shown that the majority of time people spend on their mobiles is not on browsers, but on applications. This is very important news for anyone in the business of advertising because it means that they need to refocus their approach. Until now, the standard for online advertising has been a focus on online advertisements, which are placed on websites in browsers. However, where mobile advertising is concerned, the focus needs to shift to applications. This is a whole new ball game.

Innovative Techniques

Some companies have got an innovative head start on this discovery. One has even recently launched the first self-serve advertising platform, which assists users with promoting their apps with the top publishers around the world. This is the only platform of its kind, dedicated exclusively to app discovery.

However, this is far from the only way to increase your ad reach among mobile users. Social media advertising is another way to use innovative mobile advertising techniques. Social media advertising generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue in 2015 and is expected to generate even more in the coming years. This form of advertising is the best way to reach a large number of users through a variety of mediums, including mobile.


Mobile advertising differs greatly from any form of advertising people have been used to in the past. It’s time for marketers to refocus and get innovative in their approaches to maximize their advertising potential in the mobile market.