Why Mobile Apps Are Effective Brand Marketing Channel

Almost 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you want to appeal to the growing number of mobile users, it’s better to have a mobile app that they can easily download and use.

But aside from the rising numbers of mobile users in recent years, there are more benefits to launching a dedicated mobile app for your brand. Here are 5 of the most important reasons why you should create your brand’s mobile app now.

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for a Brand

  1. Brand Awareness and Establishing Trust

Brand awareness is an important factor, especially if your business is just starting out. The more people who know your website, the more potential customers you have.

Once you have brand awareness, the next step is to establish trust between your brand and your customers. Brands with a dedicated app are seen as more professional and trustworthy than brands with a weak brand presence. 

  1. User Conversion and Retention

Once more people are aware of your website, the next thing you should do is convert them to customers. With a mobile app, this is much easier to do. A responsive and easy-to-use app makes it convenient for your users to click on the checkout button.

A good user experience is one of the most important aspects of increasing your conversion rate, which can easily translate to more sales for your brand. A dedicated development team with deep expertise in UX design will ensure a smooth customer journey for users.

Once you have successfully converted your customers, you should also improve user retention, and increasing user retention is another benefit of a mobile app. Since your users have downloaded and installed the app, it will remain in their home screen and they are always logged in. This makes your brand much easier to access and thus, increases user retention compared to simply creating a responsive website. 

  1. Notifications for Product Deals and Discounts

It is a practice in marketing to use email subscriptions to notify their customers about new discounts or deals. This has been more effective, but you can further improve this if you have a mobile app for your brand that can send notifications to your users for such deals.

A lot of people are reluctant to subscribe to a brand since they don’t want their emails to be cluttered up with deals. But with a simple notification, they can easily clear it up if they’re not interested, while you can still intrigue people who want to take advantage of the deal.

  1. Increase Sales

With the things mentioned above, it is obvious why brands with a dedicated mobile app can easily increase their sales. The more your users are engaged with your mobile app, the higher the chances of them buying something from it.

As long as your users have a good experience using your app, you will reap all the benefits of having a mobile app for your brand. 

  1. Collect Data About Users

Knowing your users can be necessary information when you want to create a marketing plan. You can study which products appeal to certain demographics.

You can also easily check if your deals and discount sales are working if you have information from your users. Does your profit increase when you have free shipping deals? Or do your customers prefer discount deals? Reviewing your customer data can lead to more successful marketing plans.