multi-screen-advertising-5-tips-to-boost-your-campaign-efficiencyMulti-screen advertising has become a must for successful online ad campaigns and there are statistics to prove this. According to Wordstream, in 2014 approximately 65% of Google users started product-related searches on mobile, and 60% continued on desktops before finally making a purchase. As outlined in the latest Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile traffic has increased by 55% during the last year and is likely to quadruple by 2020.

Taking into consideration the online advertising landscape of 2015 it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of multi-screen optimization. However, you can achieve tangible results only if you approach multi-device advertising as a strategy more complex than simply adding mobile-specific creatives to your portfolio. Although there is no universal solution, you will definitely benefit from following these 5 recommendations.

Place Special Emphasis on Ad Formats and Sizes

Start with deciding what ad formats and sizes suit your campaign best. To determine what ad options are worth trying out in the first place you need to take a look at statistical data on various ad formats and sizes. Some of the statistics from 2014 have been provided by Medialets:

  • 320*250, 320*50, and 320*150 ad sizes have the highest CTR on smartphones.
  • 300*250, 320*50, and 300*50 ad sizes have the highest engagement rate on smartphones.
  • Leaderboards and full page ads are among the top 3 ad formats on tablets by both CTR and engagement rate.
  • 320*250 medium rectangles have the highest CTR on tablets, while 300*600 half-page ads show the best engagement rate.
  • Static interstitials have a higher CTR than static banners on both handsets and tablets.

Target the Right Audience at the Right Time

Increase the efficiency of every advertising channel with time-range targeting. Consumers tend to actively use handsets in the morning during their commute and switch to PCs during their working hours. Tablets get more attention in the evenings and at night, as well as on weekends. Knowing this, you can effectively allocate your advertising budgets and prioritize between different channels.

Optimize Your Mobile Landing Pages

Ensure a seamless user experience by focusing on the quality of your mobile landing pages. While some useful recommendations on how you can increase your landing page CTR have been provided in a MagPress post on PPC management, mobile formats require more specific steps:

  • Brief, non-clickbait headlines: with an optimal length of four to five words, you need to concentrate on making your headlines as strong and meaningful as possible.
  • Shorter sentences, forms, and calls-to-action: on mobile devices you have less space and less time to grab your audience’s attention. Consequently, you need to address your prospective customers in a clearer manner.
  • Clickable phone numbers: so far the majority of mobile devices are smartphones and having a call icon with an active number is the preferable way to invite users to interaction.
  • Load time: use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery to achieve better load speed. Avoid lags and incompatibility issues by getting rid of Flash animations and PNG-24 images.

Increase Your Performance with RTB

Use real-time bidding to target impressions on any device to responsive audiences. RTB networks enable advertisers to bid on impressions shown to specific viewers whose interests, demographics, and online behaviour correspond to the profile of a prospective customer.

With real-time bidding you get immediate feedback on every impression, which significantly enhances your analytics. When combined with split testing, this approach to performance tracking allows you to maximize your campaign efficiency. According to the analytical data from Epom Ad Server, the average CTR for advertisers grew by 27% since 2013, when RTB was integrated into the company’s platform.

Boost Your Brand Visibility with Social PPC

As stated by Fast Company and Digital Marketing Ramblings, approximately 640 million adults use Facebook every day, and almost 20% of the social network’s users are mobile-only. About 18% of global digital ads are served on this social network, and the average ROI for retail facebook advertisers is 152%. Presence on Facebook, as well as other social networks, will increase your brand visibility, as well as the chances that users will engage with your ads on other websites and in apps.