The recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for $1 Billion saw the image sharing giant join hands with the social networking giant.With over 300 million users under its belt, Instagram is still the best social networking app for sharing your images with the world. Instagram has quickly risen to its prominence after many notable people made their way to this app for sharing events from their daily lives. Many key people and famous celebrities are active on this network and that makes a great case for fans to keep track of their favourite celebs and role models.Taking complete backup of your Instagram account or downloading images from someone else’s profile on a massive scale is something that is not inherently supported by the app.

Introducing 4K Stogram


4K Download is a top developer who build apps that let online users download media content from their favourite services for free. Among their host of free tools is 4K Stogram which is a free tool that lets you to massively download images from Instagram accounts.

The 4K Stogram tool is available as a 17MB free download from their official website and the software is supported across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu. Once downloaded and installed, you can view a similar screen as seen above. The tool is minimalistic and completely uncluttered with only a single menu bar present at the top of the window. Now we will be taking a look at how you can download images from multiple Instagram accounts for free.

Massively Downloading images from Instagram


By accessing your installation of 4K Stogram, you can now get started with downloading images from people’s Instagram account for free. For this purpose, you would need the Instagram username of all the accounts you are planning on saving the images for. Once you have the username of the desired Instagram user, you can hit ‘Follow’ and the software starts loading all the images from the person’s account.

The tool instantly starts sorting out through hordes of images on the user’s Instagram accounts and they start getting displayed on the blank space beneath the location where you pasted the username as seen above. These images while being loaded up are also simultaneously getting downloaded to your local drive with the default location at C://Users/[username]/Pictures/Stogram.

You can keep on adding more Instagram usernames to download their images to your local hard drive. New sub-folders are automatically generated for each new user to make it easier for you to later access these downloaded images.

4K Stogram Preferences


For personally selecting the choice of your own for file downloading location, head over to the Preferences panel. Apart from manually selecting the download location for the Instagram images, you can also download images from your private friends. Private images are those which are made for private viewing and are only visible to people on their friends list.The preferences panel allows you to login with your Instagram credentials and that allows you to download images from the accounts of your private friends.

Conclusion – The must have tool for massively downloading Instagram images

4K Stogram is a great free app to massively download Instagram images from a host of users, just from collecting their usernames. Collect your preferred users’ username and use this tool to download all their images for free and save them to your local drive for later offline viewing.The absence of any such comprehensive tool for downloading images from the Instagram accounts of people makes 4K Stogram a must have tool for the same purpose.

Our Rating – 4.8 Out of 5