must use free online tools for webmaster
A person or an organization that looks over the development, performance and maintenance of a website is called a webmaster. For a small business or an individual blogger, this is most likely owner of the website. However, a third party company or an in-house team looks over for a bigger website.

If you are webmaster, then it is your utmost responsibility to maintain the website and blog. Every webmaster has its own strategy to carry out this task. From DNS leak test to Google trends, there is a multitude of online tools every webmaster can use, however, here are the four most important ones listed:

1. Google Analytics

This is one of the most powerful tools that any webmaster can use. It gives complete oversight of the traffic that is experienced by a website. There are different indicators that helps in understanding how the site is performing and what the loopholes are.

It indicates where the traffic is coming from, where they land, how they move from page to page and how long do they stay. Movement and dropout rates can be tracked as well which can be good for measuring conversions. Using this platform is a no brainer.

2. Google Search Console

You can use this tool in conjunction with Google Analytics. This webmaster tool provides a detailed website analysis and other critical error reports and alerts.

It enables the webmaster to understand how well the site is indexed and whether there are any problems preventing the page to be visible. It provides essential information regarding the effectiveness of SEO. This way website owners can alter their strategies to enhance online visibility and incorporate the missing things.

3. DNS Leak Test

dns leaking test
DNS leak test is another important tool every webmaster needs to ensure that their own traffic is secure. When the operating system of any computer becomes a victim of DNS leak, the private information and data is at a risk of privacy threat. Cyber criminals can use DNS leak to get access to private information like bank records and use it for malicious purposes.

This is why webmasters must ensure safety and protection of the traffic the website will experience. Such tests must be carried out to ensure that no cases of privacy infringement occurs. This makes it essential for every webmaster to resort to DNS leak test tool to maximize security.

4. Copyscape

Search engines do not like duplicated content. Webmasters need to ensure that other websites do not have identical content. This may have a direct impact on how their website ranks. This is specifically important for bloggers and e-commerce companies.

There are many e-commerce companies that simply cut and paste product descriptions. This results into thousands of other websites having the same content on their pages.

Bloggers have one problem, there content can be stolen easily. Another website who wants the content on same subject can copy from your website. This is a norm and happens all the time.

Copyscape is an ideal tool for checking duplication of content. You just need to enter the URL of your website and it will tell if the same content is available elsewhere.


Here were 4 most important online tools that every webmaster can use to enhance their website’s performance and maintain it in an optimal manner. These tools can be helpful with everything from website analytics to finding content duplication.

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However, this is not an exhaustive list. There are several other tools like Google Keyword Tool and Evernote that can help webmasters to be much more organized and systematic with their work.