online shop design mistakes that kill conversionsWhen you build an online shop that the customer loves you work really hard, test everything and even understand the psychology of the human mind. Putting yourself in the shoes of the interested shopper is much easier said than done. Unfortunately, in many cases we see many design mistakes that negatively affect conversions and the site owners have no idea that the problems exist. It does not matter if you sell articles online or you run a full yoga online shop. At the end of the day you should avoid every single one of the mistakes highlighted below to keep conversions as high as they should be.

No Clear Value Proposition

It is vital that you test the value proposition you offer. When it is strong the customer is going to want to learn more as they see that there is a reason why they should buy from you. When the value proposition is not interesting, people just look for what they need somewhere else. In ecommerce you practically want to highlight why it is better for people to buy from you as opposed to simply going to giants like Amazon.

Be sure that the visitor instantly figures out what he can buy. If this is not the case, the visitor will surely leave fast. In most situations it is better to use headlines and simple designs as opposed to highly complicated graphics that do not add anything to the value proposition.

Improper Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are really important but in many online stores we see that they are totally improper. The descriptions are going to have different effects based on what you sell. Do not think that a description that works great with one product type will be perfect for another one.

As an example, let us say that you sell books. In this case a clear image of the book will have a great effect. Compare this with when you sell HD TVs. Won’t the buyers be more interested in the technical specs? This is why you want to be sure that you use a proper product description. Test many so that you can see exactly what works best in your online shop.

Not Using High Quality Images

When you use images on a website, which is definitely a very good idea, you have to be sure that they are of the highest possible quality. In the past this was not so important but nowadays it is crucial. Most of the items sold online are going to be dependent on appearance. All the visuals that are used are going to be highly important and will have an effect on conversions.

You want to invest money in high quality product images so that you can attract the attention of the viewer. Remember that these images should always be of a proper resolution but they should be optimized for the internet and especially for mobile users. When you manage to do this people will definitely take a closer look but when quality is low, the result is a lower conversion.