internet safety tips guidesThe internet seems perilous nowadays due to the several cyber security threats and issues running abundant. In this virtual world, thieves are digital as well and can target your social media profiles to find out your personal details. For instance, your social security number with an intention to harm your online reputation or to steal your money.

Luckily, there are numerous secrets to keep yourself safe online that can help you prevent cyber security threats and other issues related to online security.

Choose Hard to Guess Passwords

If you really don’t want someone hacking into your personal information, you need to choose strong and hard to guess passwords for all of your online accounts and profiles. Strong passwords include a blend of numeric, upper- and lowercase letters, and other special characters. Each password should also be long, up to 10 digits. Strong passwords are the first security layer to stay safe when surfing the web or performing several online activities.

Boost Your Network Security

Now it’s time to ensure that the internet connection you are using is safe. Usually networks we use at home or at workplace are encrypted and safe to browse the internet. But, how can you make sure that free Wi-Fi open at public places are safe? Typically, they usually are not safe and can be hazardous. That’s why; you should always use a virtual private network when using public Wi-Fi to execute a financial or sensitive business transactions.

Invest in a Firewall

Since a firewall is a digital barrier that prevents unauthorized access to all the devices and computers connected to your network, it could be an extra layer of security to keep yourself away from hackers and other malicious persons. Oftentimes, you may find Windows 10 freezing issues when configuring a Firewall, has lots of useful information for you to resolve the issue. Firewalls not only keep you connected to a safe network from hackers but also ensures the security of IoT devices such as webcams as well.

Click Smart

Careless clicking is one of the major issues that can lead you towards an unforeseen danger. Since email phishing is known as one of the common cyber security issues nowadays, you should click on the links with severe caution as they can be malicious. When browsing a website, a lot of pop-ups may appear on your screen that can be an open door for hackers to gain access to your personal details or information. So always click smart to stay safe online.

Always Be Choosy When Sharing Information on Social Media

Social media platforms offer a lot of opportunities to share your personal and professional details and information on internet. You should always be choosy when sharing such information online because hackers can use the information to reach you either online or offline. You can also use several privacy features to make sure all the information are only visible to you or to the person you want to share with. According to Houston criminal defense attorney, David Breston, “Without proper privacy walls in place, social media can be a dangerous place. It can allow criminals to easily learn about you, your friends, where you live and what your favorite hobbies are”. Its important to always think before sharing on social media.

Protect Your Mobile Life

Mobile phones can be just as susceptible to cyber security threats as other devices like laptops and computer. Even smartphones can be more dangerous for us if we are using unsecured and risky apps unintentionally. Make sure you have installed a security app on your smartphone to keep it away from online security issues and viruses as well.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi for Financial Transactions or to Shop Online

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are unsecured and easy to hack also. That’s why, professional always suggest you never ever use public networks to execute a financial transaction online. Malicious hackers can easily gain access to your credit card number and PINs by hacking into the public network using you are. These hotspots are great for watching YouTube videos or to read breaking news on your favorite blogs and websites, however.

Update Often

Whether it is your windows operating system, android security patch, or any other software or app using you are, be quick to install updates if available. Outdated apps and systems are easy to hack for hackers and cyber criminals.