web design trends tips guidesTrying out different web design trends should be about having some fun too. Here are six of the best web design trends that stand a pretty good chance of being crowned the best web design trends for the next few years.

1. Bright and Bold Colour Schemes

If you want your web design to grab the undivided attention of your visitors, the use of bright and bold colours is the answer. Bold colours not only help to catch the eye, but also add a fresh, funky vibe to your web design. So, if your web design needs to speak to a younger crowd, a bright colour scheme will for sure help. In fact, bright colour seems to be a web design trend that is not going to fade any time soon!

2. The Use of Softer Shapes

There is nothing two-dimensional about a softer shape (well, that is at least figuratively speaking). Fluid shapes that boast smoother lines are as a matter of fact becoming more popular than geometric shapes. Just like the popular polygon, a fluid shape is also usually a flat, two-dimensional shape, but has smoother lines that flow. So, to stay sharp you have to opt for softer lines in your web design.

3. Scrolling Animation

Just because parallax scrolling animation has taken the web design world by storm does not mean there is no longer any space for scrolling animation in your web design. Web designers are in luck as there are countless ways that they can incorporate scroll in their web design project so that users are still likely to engage with the design.

4. Including White Space, Without a Minimalistic Feel

Your client might be reluctant to opt for a minimalistic feel. When that is the case, there are ways around this predicament so that you can still include lots of white space in your web design. How? Well, just be sure to include more colour and other elements.

5. Asymmetrical Grids

Web designers will only be too glad to know that they can now say goodbye to perfect symmetry and hello to asymmetrical grids. There is no longer any need to strive to get perfect symmetry. Nowadays a big trend is for designers to make use of asymmetrical grid patterns. Though in order for it to be a success, you need to have a clear balance of elements otherwise one side will just be too much for the senses.

6. Voice Search Features

Although visual design forms one of the central components of best web design practices, some aspects of your web design should also cater to the auditory senses. As a matter of fact, voice search functions will only become more popular. So, web designers should listen up and make sure that they start to include voice search in their future web design projects if they are not already doing it.

The important thing is to include these best web design trends carefully. Some of these trends will be popular for quite some time, while other web design trends just won’t enjoy the same degree of popularity. The best advice is to put these to the test and see which ones come out the best.

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