personal cool gadgets for daily choresIt’s time to engage the reality. We are no longer in the times where we have to bang items on the brick wall to clean them or even get down on our hands and knees to mop the floor. We don’t even struggle to lug vacuum cleaners up the stairs and trying not to rip the cords out. We have portable, lightweight ones that can also fold up. A fantastic option to lower the chore load is a robotic vacuum or lawnmower and some other systems we will describe below. These are all to help you to make your daily chore list a little less stressful without the backbreaking

There is so much technology about that can help with everyday chores. Why take time out of your day to do tasks when you can easily lighten them with these cool gadgets.

1. Robotic Lawnmower

Cut the grass in the garden is a task everyone hates doing. Mowing the lawns is messy, and often it’s too hot or cold outside that no one wants to do it. Stop the fights at home with the robotic lawn mower and get it to do all the hard work for you. Sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and watch the robotic mower cutting the grass without you needing to lift a finger. They are programmable, and the best part is that it can get itself out and put itself back again. Now all you have to do is find something special to do on your weekends off.

2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the next lot of technology that is taking people by storm. The Echo is a full system of chores that it will do with just your voice command. If you want the lights turned down or want to call a friend from the couch without getting up, The Echo can do these things for you. It can also schedule your dry cleaning, turn on the heater, and even locate your phone for you.

3. Neato Botvac D5 Connected and D7

These are very popular now and so easy to use. Vacuuming is hard work, and for those who have busy lives, it can be such a chore to keep the floors clean. The Neato is a trusted brand and to look at the popular models the D5 AND d7 it isn’t hard to see why they work well.

Both are very similar with just a few differences. They both have the D-shape with the corner smart, both weigh the same amount, both have the spin flow power clean cleaning system, both connect to Wi-Fi. The D5 has two LED lights one for the battery the other to indicate it is in cleaning mode. However, the D7 has four Led lights for battery, cleaning mode, and Wi-Fi status. Full comparison between these robot vacuum cleaners you can find in this article on site Smartercomputingblog.

4. Robot Window Cleaner

It seems there are robots for every type of chore now. Another robot to admire and appreciate is a window cleaning robot. If you have a window that is high and hard to reach and clean without a struggle, then you need the window cleaner robot. The unique thing about these devices is that you can enjoy your rest or read a book while your windows are being cleaned.

5. Dry cleaner

Reducing your dry-cleaning bill is possible? It can be expensive to get clothes cleaned continually at the dry cleaners. Not to mention it can be a pain to go and keep picking up and dropping off more each week. This is a little device that can take the wrinkles out of your clothing, works at neutralizing odors and can tighten up sags in the waistbands. The dry cleaner is indeed a worthy investment with just a quick 10 minute cycle your clothes will be fresh for the next day.

What Do You Do Now?

All that is left now is to find which one you will buy to lighten your list of chores. When it comes to mowing the lawns all that is involved now is just hit a few buttons to program it to an area, and that is it. Pretty easy job huh! Pick up that book you haven’t had time to finish or find a new hobby to take up and enjoy the time you will have to yourself to relax and enjoy.

Our ancestors had no time for themselves; they worked from morning to night; however, it doesn’t need to happen now. We have many different things available now thanks to technology.

It has been proven we spend more time using technology than looking after ourselves. It is an alarming statement; however, technology is creating more comfortable lifestyles for us. Of course, technology cannot go to the supermarket and buy our groceries it can, however, allow us to order them online, so they are ready to pick up. The technology developments are catering for the chores we find hard and the ones that are more exhausting than others like mowing the lawns and vacuuming the floor.

Get involved in the digital world and find something out there that will help you with your chores without harassing the family to help out and causing disagreements over who will do it.

Instead, you will have people wanting to use the remote for the robot mower or the robot vac.