online anonymity benefits tips guidesLeaving most relevant, valuable and meaningful comments on a story published on online magazine, article or news can be a great way to express your personal beliefs, but you should always keep in mind that internet is a place where you are being watched even if you are not doing something erroneous.

Comments can definitely be valuable for writers, authors and magazine owners because, they provide valuable social engagement, and they can be a great place to raise reader engagement and get more from an article or story but posting comments on online magazine or blog with your name and other details can cause some security issues because of the different types of online magazine comment sections. Most of the magazines use default comment system powered by the content management system using they are and some of them use ‘Disqus’ comment system.

Commonly used comment systems usually show name and link of the user who is commenting and some of them can show IP address of the user. No doubt comments are regarded as a right of every internet user but sometimes they can do more damage than good especially when IP address of a commenting person is shown with the comment message. In results, a commenting person can become unprotected as he or she can be tracked via details such as name, website link or IP address shown with the comment.Posting comments on sensitive or serious political topics published on local online magazine or news blog can also be an issue for internet users because they can get into troubles by authorities and law enforcement agencies in return of expressing open opinion regarding an issue or sensitive topic.

Keeping personal and confidential information secret is a vital part of growing up in this digital world and you are the only one who can decide what to tell people about yourself when commenting on online publications and stories. Staying anonymous on online magazine comment sections is the best recommendation by experts because it can keep you from identity theft and many other cyber security threats associated with it. Anonymity is a great way to develop an understanding of privacy and trust when expressing your beliefs on the internet.

Nowadays, more and more websites, blogs and magazines are changing the structure of their comments sections to get more details about the users with an intention to understand their interests and searching patterns to provide them with most relevant and engaging content. But it can be injurious for internet users who really don’t want to expose their identity and other details when surfing the web or commenting on blogs or online magazines.

Benefits of Commenting as Anonymous on Online Magazines

Staying unidentified when commenting on online communities and magazines offers a lot of benefits for internet users and some of them are listed in this article:

1. Free Speech and Expression of Beliefs

When you are unidentified on the internet, you are able to express freedom of speech and can freely talk about each and every issue whether sensitive or serious as per local laws. By using unidentifiable pennames on the web, users are able to spontaneously speak their thoughts regarding several issues and topics. They are fearless of sharing their personal views without facing troubles of ruling or reaction that may have an effect on the real world.

2. Establishing an Online Persona

In these days, there is no need of your real name and other details to build or establish an online persona and I have a big list of digital nomads who are working on the internet along with online anonymity. Even without showing your real name and other details, you can establish strong connections with people from different parts of the world, from different religious but having the same interests.

3. Liberalism

Commenting on an online magazine without showing your name and identity allows you to discuss an issue or present your own views regarding a topic, story or issue without facing troubles. Whether it is a religious, political, international or local matter, you can freely share your beliefs without facing the fear of being tracked by the authorities.

4. Personal Safety

Online anonymity or staying anonymous on online magazine comment sections is something great for internet users and they would not have to worry about the personal safety and security right after sharing their thoughts or by doing anything else online. For instance, an internet user can easily write and post in comments whatever he/she wants to say without being tracked by magazine owner or other users who are commenting as well.

5. Data Security

In this digital world, personal data and information is considered as one of the most valuable assets on the web because it can be used by cyber criminals and hackers to reach yourself with an intention to harm your repute or to steal your money and property. Hackers and cyber criminals nowadays can go beyond their ways to acquire your personal details and information share on the internet to get success in their illegal and harmful objectives. However, use of a reliable VPN can be the best solution to maintain foolproof data security by not showing original IP address and other details that hackers and other criminals may need to know. is a reliable resource to catch on which VPN you should be using to enhance online data security when using internet.

6. Keeping Google Search for your Name Clean

It is said by experts that anything shared or posted on the internet always remain there and considered as a big deal to remove. Google can bring up in results whatever you have shared with your real name and chances are always there that there might be something in results you are not proud of. That’s why, staying anonymous on online magazine comment sections or when posting anything on the internet can keep your name clean and can also help you prevent serious troubles.

By reading all the above mentioned benefits of staying anonymous online, you can realize that why online anonymity can value you so much. There are a lot of tools and solutions available that an internet user can make use of to hide his/her personal identity and other details like IP address when commenting online or doing anything else. Using a VPN service is one of the ways to lessen how many footprints you leave behind when surfing the web.