the-benefits-of-x-cart-for-your-businessThe most advance and latest shopping cart software available today is X-Cart hosted eCommerce. This PHP shopping cart software offers a gamut of features and benefits which has made it one of the most sought after E-commerce solutions, trusted by some of the most reputed brands. X-Cart is employed during the construction as well as development of an E-commerce website. There are many users who install it simply for shopping cart development. No matter, what it is used for, X-Cart is now one of the best managed hosting services for creating an online store, which lures hundreds of customers, helping them earn high revenue.

The success and high popularity of X-Cart web hosting is due to its extensive features and extended uses, which are all aimed to offer optimum and best results to consumers.

Here are some of the best benefits of X-Cart.

Extremely Flexible – X-Cart helps users build their website just as they wish, as it is needed for the specific business and as users wish their online store to be. No matter, if it is a small website, if it is a new business or if you are building a website for an establish business, X-Cart will handle all your needs. Finestshops is one such popular e-commerce management company, which uses X-Cart hosted ecommerce to meet the needs of customers.

Excellent Efficient and Competent Services – X-Cart hosted ecommerce users are assured that their online business will run smoothly. They are comfortable knowing their shopping platform is highly efficient and extremely reliable for the customers and them. There are no worries about shopping cart going offline or facing troubles when the need is the most.

Complete Security – X-Cart offers great security and privacy to customers. The platform has built in PCI compatibility and is PA-DSS compliant. X-Payment module is one of the highly secured shopping carts which can be run from your own server. As X-Cart is used for any E-commerce website, there is no additional worry about customer information privacy or information leaks.

Other Benefits Include:

  • X-Cart is search engine friendly which means it works just perfect for the search engines. This means high visibility, more visitors every day and increased sales.
  • The ecommerce web hosting platform offers multiple shopping cart options. There are editable product options and an option for mini cart among several other benefits.
  • X-Cart web hosting strives to enhance user shopping experience. It aims to make online shopping more pleasurable, enjoyable and interactive too. In this effort, it flashes personalized greetings, helping to make every user feel special and valuable. Every new user gets a personal welcome message.
  • X-Cart is built on PHP which means that all templates are customizable. This adds to the flexibility of the online store.
  • Offers extraordinary visitor experience with features like quick customer management, order management and with features that help in addressing customer grievances.
  • The entire shopping experience is smooth and simple. The site is easy to navigate and non complex. There are extensive search options along with product search along with item filters options. Users have a rich experience with features like shopping suggestions, or even corrections suggested as they type.
  • To ensure smooth navigation, visitors are assisted with sitemap and product map too.
  • There are special sections like multiple checkout options and special promotions which add to the stunning operation of the website.

Undoubtedly, it can be said that X-Cart hosted ecommerce is an amazing shopping platform for an E-Commerce website.