what should you expect with an affordable ecommerce website design

The cost of eCommerce website development ranges between $20,000 and $30,000. However, this should not be a cause of worry as you also have options for affordable eCommerce website design. Here we have discussed features that are generally part of affordable website designs.

Domain with HTTPS

The domain plays an important role in the success of your eCommerce website. If your store serves a particular country, the eCommerce website design should use a country code design. Make sure the domain has a secured connection.

HTTPS encrypts data and offers a secure browsing experience. Users wanting to make online transactions would want an HTTPS domain to ensure their card data or financial information is not stolen when shopping on your website.

User-friendly Navigation

Online retailers need to ensure customers can find the products they are looking for without much delay. User-friendly navigation supports great product search features. It improves the findability of the products and also helps in conversion. In simple words, navigation plays an important role in the user journey.

Customer Login

An eCommerce website is required to save customer information to store a record of their transactions and save their shipping addresses. The eCommerce website design generally includes a customer login feature that allows users to store personal and financial information on the eCommerce website. It does away with the need to enter this information again when making purchases next time.

The user information also allows online retailers to communicate order status updates or share exciting offers based on user interests.

Wish list

Every visitor would not make instant purchases. Some users need some time to make purchase decisions, while some make planned purchases. Leading websites offer a wishlist feature that allows users to save products in a buy later list, also known as a wish list.

However, this feature is only available to registered users. The wish list is a useful feature that allows users to find and save interesting products. Next time, they visit your eCommerce store; they can find these products in their wishlist and buy them.

Language Options

Though English is closer to becoming a universal language, some users like to view online stores in their native languages. They are more comfortable with their native languages. Most affordable website designs allow users to switch languages based on their preferences.


Visitors coming to a new eCommerce website often have doubts regarding the website. The FAQ sections play an important role in clearing their doubts and increasing their confidence regarding shopping on your website.

FAQs are an important element of an eCommerce website, and most affordable website design themes include this feature/section.

Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions

Just like FAQs, every eCommerce needs to have a ‘Terms and Conditions’ and a ‘Privacy Policy’ page to display the rules and regulations that govern the business. Every online retailer is required to have these sections as part of mandatory business requirements. In simple words, even the low-cost website design would include these sections.

Product Category and Product Pages

The online retailer is required to list and display thousands of products. For better organization, the eCommerce website needs to have relevant product categories to help the visitor search for desired products.

The product pages give details about the product, including descriptions, dimensions, and any other information needed by the user to make an informed choice. An online retail website without these two features will fail miserably in delivering a good user experience.


An eCommerce website is incomplete without a cart. The cart plays an important role in the final customer journey. It allows the customer to select products and make a payment.

Checkout Page

The last page in the customer journey is the checkout page. It displays the final amount the customer has to pay to complete the purchase. It gives the customer different payment options. The customer is free to choose the payment method as per their preferences.

To sum up, these are some of the essential features of an eCommerce website. Hence, an affordable website needs to have all of them for revenue generation.