link building strategies tips guidesIn the vast expanse that is the World Wide Web, it is important to figure out a way to get your website to stand out from the rest. A backlink is when a webpage links to any other page and this is important because search engines treat these as a vote of popularity.

Every business owner wants the best for their website and increasing your profile with strong and relevant links can increase the chance of a higher ranking in search engines.

This article will discuss the best strategies to help build a backlink profile in order for a website to benefit from higher search engine ranking and more organic website traffic.

Writing Articles and Blog Posts for Other Websites

A great way to start backlinking is to write articles and blog posts for other websites. The more prestigious the website the better, and it is imperative to write for a website that is relevant.

For example, it would be silly to write articles for a technology website that includes links to a health and wellness website. An easy way to start is to write a list of twenty or so websites that feature other writers and contact them to see how a submission can be made.

You will need to write unique articles, however, as most moderators will use software that ensures posts on their website are original.

It is important to remember to include the link of the desired website in the article submission otherwise it is all for nothing. Taking the time each week to write for other websites is the perfect way to work on your link building.

Increase Commenting

A great strategy is to increase the amount of commenting you do on other websites. Again, it is important to keep the websites relevant as commenting on a lot of similar blogs can help you to increase your traffic.

Many blog websites pull information from profile sites like ‘’ or a Google profile when a comment is made. A lot of websites also use comment forums such as Disqus, so setting up an up-to-date profile on these types of websites is a great thing to do before increasing commenting activity.

If there is an option to include a website link when commenting on another website, be sure to take the opportunity. Commenting is a great way to increase natural traffic to your website as well as build online connections (as long as it is relevant and you are careful to avoid spamming other pages).

Use Web Directories

There are many great web directory sites out there and they can all be used to assist your strategy. In this day and age, white pages are no longer delivered to the front door, so the majority of people use the internet when searching for a business or for information.

Setting aside the time each week to add your site to web directories is an easy way to increase links to your website and in turn, increase Google ranking. It is important, however, to ensure that any details that are added to a web directory are kept up-to-date on a regular basis so that search engine rankings do not drop.

Increase Social Media Presence

While it is unknown exactly how the Google algorithm works, it is clear that the more links that are out there, the more likely the site is to rank higher in web search results.

A great way to increase links is by sharing blog posts, web links and articles on social media. It is important to not only share but to encourage others to share the links too. There are loads of different Facebook Groups out there that will encourage users to share their own links for others to also share in return.

While this type of community-based sharing can be powerful and a great way to build a profile, it is important to make sure that the people and groups are relevant. There is no use getting a lawyer to share links to a website that sells toy dolls.

There are many types of social media platforms these days such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (which you can include weblinks in), Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

While it can become overwhelming staying on top of all of the different types of social media accounts, there are ways to get around this. Many decide to hire people to manage their social media accounts or decide to use social media scheduling apps and websites such as Buffer.

Increasing the number of links spread out on social media is a great way to increase relevant traffic to a website.

Enlist The Support of a SEO Company

At the end of the day letting the professionals get the job done is a great idea. A reliable service from an SEO company will have experience when it comes to backlinking. In addition to this service, SEO companies will usually have other tactics up their sleeves to help increase search engine visibility and website traffic.

If hiring someone isn’t an option, searching for an online course could be a great way to still get professional help without having to pay for it. While the techniques you will use are not particularly hard, they can be time-consuming so enlisting some support could be a really wise move.

As discussed, backlinking is a crucial step when you want to increase search engine rankings and website traffic. The best strategies to do this are by writing articles and blog posts for other websites, increasing the amount of commenting done on other websites, using web directories, increasing your social media presence and enlisting the support of a good SEO company.