tech apps to save moms time

Tech Apps To Save Moms Time

Life is just so hectic these days. The stresses are the same whether you work from home or onsite in a busy office. In this post, we will outline some of the best tech apps or gadgets to assist busy moms.

A Smart Crock Pot Or Slow Cooker

Imagine spending time with your family while your dinner cooks itself or going to a revitalizing yoga class after a stressful day?

Investing in a smart wireless slow cooker can give you that extra two hours you need. Connecting your crock to your home’s Wi-Fi lets you download and use Wemo to instruct your cooker when and how to operate. All from your phone.

An Alexa-Enabled Digital Helper

Many Alexa-enabled smart hubs are available, and they are a busy mom’s go-to digital assistant. These handy gadgets are cordless, hands-free, and come with a speaker.

A busy mom can check the weather, catch the headlines, listen to audiobooks, and check the kids’ timetables and schedules. You talk to Alexa, manage your shopping lists, play your playlists, and control your other smart home appliances.

Consider A Grocery Delivery Platform

Tired of waiting in supermarket lines when only three tills are operating? Using an online grocery shopping and delivery platform could save hours. All you have to do is download the app and you’re good to go on the grocery and fresh produce front.

Many also offer a curb side pick-up function which saves on delivery charges.

Save Time By Using Tracker Tech

Tracker gadgets are a lifesaver when you don’t have time to look for your phone or you can’t remember where you left your car keys in an emergency. These handy little helpers can be attached to keys, sunglasses or spectacles, purses and kids’ school satchels.

Trackers can help you locate important objects in an instant with a ring.

Use A Chore App For The Kids

These days there are brilliant apps for both you and the kids to manage chores. These clever apps make doing chores fun for the kids and most have built in reward systems such as collecting zany stickers.

Not only will you never nag 10 times again, but it makes setting up chore lists, deadlines and allocating points fun and part of family life.

Consider A Family Calendar App

School and working life have loads of events, sports schedules, school parent events and the household chores to try and remember. This can be demanding and even overwhelming. Do consider a calendar app that keeps track of important events, anniversaries, daily, weekly and monthly activities.

A whole family calendar on device is indispensable for our digitized busy schedules. There are many syncing calendars apps to choose from, and most allow little reminder notes to “bring the pudding or a plate of sandwiches”.

These may seem like small choices, but they add up to saving busy moms hours of anxiety and stress and leave more time for fun and enjoying the benefits of things like an online casino welcome bonus. After all, who doesn’t want an extra couple of hours for themselves to relax, play games and just enjoy the fact that life carries on without you having to work too hard?

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