10 Must-Have Apps for College Students

There are several things needed to succeed in college. The first is being able to plan and maintain a good schedule. The second is sticking to your values even when faced with peer pressure. The third is doing things, including assignments correctly. As technology advances, many applications emerge that students can use to make the road to college success easy. Besides, using the right applications saves time and money and improves accountability. Let’s check out 10 must-have apps for every college students.



Punctuality is crucial to succeeding in college. Thus, you need an alarm that will make you leave your bed and start your day well. Alarmy is the right tool for that. Unlike regular alarm applications, Alarmy makes sleeping and waking up late difficult. The night before, you will take a photograph of an activity you want to accomplish in the morning. Examples include a photograph of your workspace or a coffee cup. Unlike the normal alarm, which you just shut down, you must return to the location where you took the previous picture and take another one to confirm you have woken up.

Google Lens

You are not maximizing your potential if you do not use Google Lens in college. This application helps copy text from any of the photos on your phone. Having the app will help you catch up with a fast professor who makes his presentations at the speed of light. It will help you with your notes, and revising for exams will be easier. If you don’t want to hire essay writers from sites like essayusa.com, this app shouldn’t be missed in your writing arsenal. You can copy and paste handwritten text on your laptop without retyping it.

Duolingo for Students

When learning a new language, you should look no further than Duolingo. On the app, you earn points by giving accurate answers on this platform. Additionally, you will compete against time when completing tasks, keeping you active as you strive to accomplish your language goals. The best part? There are Duolingo forums to interact with the Duolingo community regarding language learning.


If you are a students who struggles with organizing notes, you need to get used to Notion to help you organize thoughts and notes coherently. The flexible application allows you to store information in interconnected media and text blocks. There are third-party templates for daily planners and portfolios, making Notion a good option for students to consider. In addition to these templates, the application is free for personal use.

PDF Manager Pro

PDF Manager Pro is another application that will help you manage your PDFs. From coursework material to crucial documents, this app will help you manage them properly and in an orderly way, and you’ll not waste time looking for a particular file. Additionally, you can convert PDFs, merge PDFs, and extract individual pages. You can encrypt and decrypt files while exporting files from one device to another.


There are many ways to prepare for a test, but one of the most effective is Quizlet. Regardless of the subject every students want to prepare for, flashcards will help your brain recall what you have learned throughout the semester. A cool feature of this app is that it can create customized flashcards to make your revision and studies easier.


Writing essays is a normal part of a student’s life in college, and one aspect that will make the essay stand out is using good grammar. English is the second most spoken language worldwide, and if you want to have a perfect essay with no grammatical errors, consider installing Grammarly. Sometimes, when writing, you can fail to insert a comma or even misspell a word. Grammarly will flag all these errors and offer suggestions for creating perfectly structured sentences with no errors. Having a tool to alert you about any writing mistakes and provide you with suggestions to correct the errors will help you craft top-notch papers like the experts at https://essaywriter.org/buy-assignments.

My Study Life

You don’t have to carry a notebook planner to help you remember what you need to do and when. My Study Life should be an alternative to a notebook planner because its calendar function can help you balance your studies and social life. With the application, you will find even a hectic schedule easy to manage. Pop up the due dates of your assignments and your upcoming exam schedule on the application, and you can get automatic reminders of any upcoming events and tasks.


Headspace is a popular app offering professional guided meditation to help students develop a habit. There is a collection of music to calm you down, and nature sounds can help you relax when writing. What’s more, the app has a variety of inspiring stories that motivate you and mood-boosting music that will boost your mood when you are feeling down. A student’s life is associated with different challenges; sometimes, you will feel things are not working for you, and you might be giving up. Headspace will help you through this duration and improve your overall mood and morale.


Are you one of those who find yourself spending your money and cannot account for what you did with the money? If so, you should consider installing Mint to help your financial planning. It is a budgeting app that helps in planning monthly use of money using easy-to-use insights and neat visuals. The application can even help you keep tabs on your subscriptions and any cryptocurrency you might hold. Having this app will transform your financial discipline, and you will no longer need to worry about running out of cash.

Closing Remarks

Many challenges are associated with college life; if not handled properly, they can ruin your college experience. Technological advancements have helped bring applications that can help make a collegian’s life easier. If you desire to improve your organizational skills, consider using Notion for your notes. If you feel like learning a new language, Duolingo shouldn’t miss on your gadget. And if you want to turn in papers with accurate grammar, Grammarly should be your writing sidekick. If you have difficulty managing the inflow and outflow of your finances, Mint is the application for you. Take advantage of these apps, plus many others, to keep your college life stress-free.