Facebook has become the biggest thing for companies to utilize in order to bring increased business to their company; this is especially true for the small business owner who operates their business solely on their own works and with the help of word of mouth; and with that comes the idea of buying likes for their business Facebook page.

While the idea may be good in theory, buying likes for your business Facebook page may not be as good of an idea as you might believe it to be. In this article, you will learn more about buying likes and how you may want to rethink this particular business strategy.

buy facebook likes

How do I Buy Likes?

Largely due in part to the popularity of Facebook overall, there are several websites available to all who are looking to buy likes for their personal Facebook page and their business Facebook page; some even believing that this venture will add something more to their own popularity when it fact, it could just get them into a trouble. These sites can be found by conducting a simple Google search online by typing in “Buying Likes for Facebook”. Some of the sites that can be found, to name a few, are:

  • Get-Likes.com
  • BuyFansMedia.com
  • BoostLikes.com

It really is that simple to buy your way into popularity. However, you should know that it is not all that it is cracked up to me. And why is that? You may be asking…

don't buy facebook fans likes

Facebook does not like it…

facebook don't like it!Anymore, Facebook overall is not only looking for ways to protect their users from different situations like Cyber-bullying and Solicitation for Under Age Sex but they are looking to keep things honest for themselves as well; this means they are in the know when you are looking to buy likes. What does this mean? They say as much from their help desk feature found on their site.

“Certain websites promise to provide large numbers of likes for your Page if you sign up and give them money. These websites typically use deceptive practices or are scams. People who like your Page this way will be less valuable to your Page because they won’t necessarily have a genuine interest in what your Page is about. If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, we’ll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

You can pay for ads and sponsored stories to promote your Page so more people will see it. This can lead to your Page getting more likes. Running ads and sponsored stories is not the same as directly purchasing likes.”

In a nutshell, Facebook does not like it! Which means you should NOT do it! Is there big trouble attached to this? No, but your page will not be as likely to make the statement you want it to and in turn your business will not be as popular as you want it to be in the most honest way possible. Let’s face it, honesty really is the best policy and you will get more for it in the end.