tips for digital marketers to become digital nomadsThere are so many jobs that people can now do on a freelance basis and often make an income that’s equal to or more than what they would earn in a traditional position. Digital marketers and writers are two of the biggest demographics that tend to work on a freelance basis, and when you’re in the online marketing or writing world, you can become a digital nomad pretty easily.

Digital nomads have a lot of freedom and flexibility in terms of how and where they work, and it be a fulfilling lifestyle.

The following are some of the top tips to make it work if you’re in marketing and you want to make the move to becoming a digital nomad.

Consider an RV

If you’re a marketer thinking about making a change, consider the possibility of an RV. There are companies like Outdoorsy that let people rent their RV to others easily. You can rent an RV for a period of time to see how you like the lifestyle before fully committing to RV life. The good thing about working from an RV is that you can create a dedicated workspace for yourself, while also enjoying the freedom of traveling.

Get the Right Tech

Some of the most important things you’ll need to become a successful digital marketer who’s also a digital nomad are technology-related. Of course there’s the obvious ones like having a good, durable laptop, but you’ll also need to think about staying connected at all the important times.

When you’re traveling Wi-Fi and battery life can become problematic, so protect yourself against this. Look for a great Wi-Fi hotspot that will let you securely connected from anywhere, as well as data storage and backup options. There’s even new introductions to the market like backpacks that include solar power supplies so you can make sure you’re able to connect with clients when it’s essential.

Consider Buying an Existing Business

If you’ve been weighing the possibility of becoming a digital nomad for a while and you’re still not sure, you might consider buying an existing digital marketing business. This can be easier than trying to launch a completely new business or expanding your freelancing to make enough money to cover your new lifestyle.

Sites like have opportunities to purchase existing online businesses that are already generating income and then you can go from there with your marketing skills and expertise.

What you might also consider doing is continuing your digital marketing work and then buying a side business that’s already generating passive income, because passive income streams can be an important way to sustain a lifestyle of traveling.

Finally, before you embark on your new life as a digital marketer/digital nomad, make sure that you have a strategy and a plan. Becoming a working nomad doesn’t mean you just head out there and hope for the best. Set spending guidelines for yourself, as well as a plan for your work. Make sure that you have contingencies in place in case Plan A doesn’t work out.