tips-for-landing-the-best-employeesEvery business owner, senior executive and hiring manager know the value and cost of human resources. People drive companies, operations and revenue.  Employee turnover is one of the largest expenses companies can avoid. Developing a strategic plan with specific actionable details is the first step.  Follow these steps to secure and retain the best candidates.

Clearly identify and define the objectives for the position as well as the ideal qualifications.  The more detailed the description and objective, the more likely it will be to find the best suited candidate.  Include company description and link to website in order to give the candidates as much information as possible. Before engaging a search firm or posting the position online, market the position internally. Not only are internal hires proven commodities, but demonstrating internal upward mobility is a key element in securing employee loyalty and reducing turnover.

When companies are seeking to fill open position and candidates are marketing themselves for new positions, it’s a two way street.  Your company must present itself, and actually be, a positive place to work. In an economy with low unemployment, companies are often competing for the same talent. During the interview process, be sure to tout all of the positive benefits of working for your company. Beyond health insurance and retirement benefits, is there a wellness program, discounts on gift certificates, gym memberships?  Include all of these when sharing company benefits.

After an employee is hired and the initial onboarding process has been completed, assign the employee a mentor.  This individual should not be their direct manager, but someone with tenure that can help them navigate available resources to successfully fulfill their objectives. The reporting manager should schedule weekly meetings with the new hire to be briefed on progress and alerted to any issues that have not been addressed. These weekly meetings should continue for at least six weeks.  The new hire wants to succeed as much as the company wants to see success.

Semi-annual performance review are also a key component of employee retention.  If an individual does not know how and on what matrix they are being measured, they won’t be able to meet expectations. Clearly outline objectives in the job matrix and review these in detail every six months. Following these steps will go a long way towards securing and retaining top talent and reducing the expense of employee turnover. Good luck!