tips for starting wedding planner business
Starting a wedding planning business can be one of the most rewarding entrepreneurial paths there is. After all, who doesn’t want to help couples great memories that will last a lifetime? And if you’ve been considering this as a path to go down, then I’ve compiled a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

Get Your Brand On Point

The wedding industry can be pretty fierce competition. As noted by Ibis World, there are an estimated 39,371 wedding planning companies in the US versus 39,658 employees, which is a pretty substantial figure when you think about what you’re up against in competition. However, that’s why you need a solid brand to stick out from the crowd, which can be quite challenging for this industry.

The best way to think about this is by trying to envision what type of personality your brand would have, as well as what type of feeling it would show for others. Depending on the style of weddings you’re trying to help plan, it’s wise to showcase this in your branding as well, especially as it helps grow intrigue with your audience. Finally, no matter who you choose for your graphics, make sure to get a contract in place, so everyone gets a fair deal. I recommend lawyer Aaron Kelly for all your small business needs since he specializes in startup law.

Find Solid Sources For Your Clients

Another important piece for your wedding planning business is being able to find solid sources for your clients to pick through. Not only will this help lock them into a larger package deal, but additionally be a great business relationship with other people in the wedding industry. And if this is an area you’re lagging on, then upping your research will be a key strategy to sourcing more materials.
wedding customer relationship
Divide up the needs that you anticipate your clients will have and start listing out the current contacts you have and areas where you could use improvement. This includes also taking a look at suppliers that while you might not have a direct connection to, could be advantageous to keep in your back pocket. For example, as noted by The Knot, the average wedding dress costs as much as $1,564, but going with a direct-to-consumer business like Azazie means your bride could score both a bridal and bridesmaid dress for a fraction of the cost of storefronts. Little suggestions like this can go a long way with clients, so make it a habit to be on the lookout for other great wedding companies for collaborations.

Bring About Smart Processes

As your business gets rolling, you’re probably going to be pretty busy, which is why having the proper policies and procedures in place beforehand is a necessity. Not only will this help take significant stress off your shoulders, but you’ll additionally bring in more money as well. In fact, as noted by Entrepreneur, businesses lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue every year due to inefficiencies, and if you’d like to avoid that, then establishing your foundational elements beforehand will be crucial.

To begin, start thinking about what aspects are going to be a priority for your business to function. No matter if it’s a CRM or eChecks, jot it down and see what type of feasibility it has for your business. Granted, while you’re not going to be able to afford everything all at once, it is possible to implement some hacks such to keep yourself organized and on task. For example, using a spreadsheet system or task management software that are free. Remember, the goal here is to put a system in place that will help you convert more, so use that as your cursor moving forward.

Don’t Forget About Social

Finally, as the wedding industry lives on social media, this is a primary place for you to meet new clients. According to Social Media Today, 40 million people use Pinterest to plan their wedding. And if you’re looking to be a part of the conversation, then getting active on social is a must.
wedding social media exposure
If you haven’t already, create accounts for your wedding planning company on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as start following as many people in the industry as you can. Another good habit to get into is creating a calendar of posts and keeping content consistent (especially when it comes to producing visuals), as this will be big in maintaining engagement. And of course, as social media is all about getting social, start chatting and engaging with others on the platform regularly to spread visibility.

What are you most excited about in looking to start a wedding business? Comment with your answers below!