applicant tracking software recruitment managementBusiness is all about minimizing costs and making the optimum use of its workforce. Hiring efficient man power is indeed a huge issue for many corporations. That is precisely why many businesses have been moving their recruitment processes to an online model. Use of ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems has become the norm. How would you choose the best ATS software for your requirements? Following the tips presented here can go a long way in aiding you in that venture.

Tips To Choose the Best talent Acquisition Software For Your Business

Applicant Tracking Systems form part of a full-fledged recruitment management concept. It excels with its updated real time information and a completely new experience for your candidates. However, with a host of services vying for your attention, it is quite essential to choose the software according to the requirements of your organization.

The Exact needs You May Have

Assessing the requirements that your organization has before finalizing an Applicant Tracking System is essential. There isn’t a hard and fast rule that one type of software would be suitable for all different kinds of organizations and their needs.

In fact, most of the service providers offer suites and if your organization has multiple functionalities that would suit every kind of requirement in separate packages within a suite. Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Suite is a good example for this kind of packaged suite.

Ease Of Use

An Applicant Tracking Software with a steep learning curve may not be suitable for your business. Hiring a specialist just for the sake managing the ATS may not be a viable option.

The best approach would be to use the trial versions of a couple of Applicant Tracking System tools and use it for tracking a few applications. This would help you analyze their user friendliness. Of course, getting used to entirely new software that you have not used before can take a little time. However, never choose software that is too complicated for your workforce.

Cost Of setting Up

Every organization has its own IT set up. Check if your set up supports inclusion of the new software without affecting the functionality.

If you realize that you need to set up independent of your existing set up, it may be necessary to look for alternative – just to avoid the unnecessary infrastructure. The best option in such situation is to use a cloud based Applicant Tracking Systems. The advantage associated with these services is the fact that they do not require new hardware set up.

Social Media Integration

Social Media has been the major platform, not only for Marketing, but also for applicant tracking. You may find some exceptional talent on social media.

The Applicant Tracking System you choose should integrate well with many different social media platforms. In fact, the performance of your chosen system depends entirely on how well it is integrated with several social media platforms at once. It should allow your HR team to post requirements on social media and track the applicants who respond to the advertisements through them.

Improved Hiring Process

An efficient Applicant Tracking System is the one that would allow everyone involved in the recruitment process to retrieve the information on the candidate at any time.

Tools like Greenhouse Talent Acquisition Suite provide you complete information on each of the candidate’s abilities and suitability. This capable software has the ability to track each of the candidate’s resumes as well. In fact, an efficient ATS tool should be the one that would reduce the time taken for each hiring process, and the cost involved for each hire.

In Conclusion

Automation is the name of the game and as long as the Applicant Tracking System you choose is capable of handling the automated part effectively, we can safely conclude that it will fit well in your organizational structure. Automation reduces the staff requirement in the HR, and thereby effectively reduces the operational costs associated with the hiring process.

The ATS tools are here to stay and indeed add more value to your company’s growth.