freelance-web-developerLooking for a web developer of late for your new website? In this contemporary digitally driven commercial zone a website developer is of course a significant hire, since he is the one who would be building the virtual face for your company. The popularity of websites has led to the mushroom growth of several web developers today but not all can assure complete customer satisfaction. Thus, here are certain expert points to check while hiring a suitable freelancer web developer.

Before proceeding with the tips, it should be stressed that you would have to take a market survey on 5-6 potential web developers around to ensure a thorough comparison study – prior to finalizing “the one”. Below are the points that you will consider in your comparison study.


Web development is quite a perplex zone demanding intricate knowledge which comes from solid hands-on experience. Thus, the developer you are taking to should be an experienced one with minimum more than 2 years of intensive & successful web developing experience. It’s good if he is handy with web development for all business sizes and various industries- as that would guarantee an in-depth practical knowledge on his part.

If you are planning a completely new website you have to make sure that your chosen developer is experienced enough to handle projects from start. In case, you want some developments in your existing website, check out beforehand that the chosen developer is flexible with working on pre-developed sites.

Diverse & latest programming languages

Your chosen web developer should be well versed in diverse and all the latest programming languages such as PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. He should promise functional and smooth navigable websites. Don’t forget to go through his previous works to have a concrete idea on his level of expertise & knowledge. A trusted web developer would willingly lay out his previous works on his website so that it’s easy for his potential customers to judge his abilities.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites are a must-have today given the increasing popularity of small hand held devices like tablets and smartphones as browsing mediums. A responsive site is the one that will display a compatible view, automatically adapted to the size of the browsing medium, whether you are viewing from a big screen laptop or a small screen mobile phone. As a huge mass of trendy online populace is more flexible with small-screened devices for net surfing today you might lose out on a large chunk of your target base if you cannot cater with responsive website. Thus, it’s important to make sure that your chosen web developer is easy with responsive web development.

Clean & organized coding

A trusted web developer will generally promise organized and clean coding for web development. A neat coding ensures great implementation ease when you would be incorporating new features in the website later on. Moreover, clean code also guarantees hassle-free bug fixing for your website.

Cross-browser compatibility

To ensure optimum promotion for your website you have to make your website accessible through several browsers. Your chosen web developer should be able to present you a solid website with great cross-browser compatibility.

SEO knowledge

You are definitely aspiring for a top rank for your website online which is determined by a strong SEO-based web development. Hence you have to make it sure that the web developer you are taking to is well versed in SEO tactics- especially check out whether he is updated about the latest SEO algorithms or not.

Web hosting support

The best web developers take up the web hosting responsibilities as well along with a powerful web development service.