webhosting-for-wordpressWordPress is a great way of setting up information for your business online. In order to enhance this, several companies provide dedicated WordPress hosting services. These firms can offer several advantages.

The firm generally handles everything related to optimization of your website. As a result, you will not have to worry about such tasks and can concentrate solely on getting the right content on the site. Apart from optimization, these firms also provide enhanced performance and security. However, WordPress hosting might not allow you to have other types of websites. This is a huge limitation.

Therefore, WordPress is mainly for people starting up blogs. This is because they do not have much traffic at the start. However, these bloggers usually change their hosting services as traffic to their blogs increase. As a blog grows bigger, the blogger could shift from managed WordPress to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting approach. Maybe advisable to read some UK web hosting reviews first, to aid you in choosing a good host

VPS uses a single physical server but with its technology it is able to create several ‘virtual servers’ out of a single physical one. Consequently, the hosting service provider separates its clients despite using a single physical server. This webhosting option has a number of advantages. VPS acts as though it is a dedicated server for you, the customer. Therefore, you can change configurations, install software or even reboot. This hosting service is available for as low as £14 per month. VPS also eliminates performance challenges associated with an option such as shared webhosting.

However, VPS has its disadvantages as well. One, you will have a huge number of responsibilities because of the increase control of the server. Two, if you do not have the skills required to operate a server you might not get enough value from this service, despite having paid for it.

Another webhosting option for WordPress is shared hosting. This service involves having a website share a server with other websites on a single server. This service has its advantages to the people who use it. For instance, a person does not need to be technically capable of operating a server in order to subscribe to this option. This is because the firm providing the hosting service takes care of all administrative tasks of the server and ensures that you are always connected. In addition, this service is very cheap with its available plans ranging between five and ten USD.

In conclusion, WordPress specific hosting services are a good way to start off, with shared hosting providing a slightly more expensive alternative. VPS is reserved only for advanced system administrators and is the most expensive option out of all three.