Many people, who are just going to launch websites for personal or business goals, consider this task a real challenge. Having heard a lot about all the hardships and intricacies of the web building process, they consider it better to hire professional web designers or web studios to complete the task for them. Fortunately, there is a simpler and more affordable solution, which can come up to any web design requirements and preferences – website builders. These systems are easy-to-use and convenient for everyone. Most of them don’t require coding skills or any extra web design knowledge, while the result they ensure is frequently on the top notch level. Finally, website builders are more affordable as compared to other web building tools. Some of them are even free or provide free trials, while others charge reasonable fees for the plans offered. This is really worth the attention.

Website builders can be used both by newbies with insufficient coding knowledge and web design pros, who work on the development of large projects and don’t wish to waste their effort and time. Listed below are the major benefits web developers may avail when using website builders.

  • Opportunity to Work with Multiple Projects. By using website builders, professionals may work on several projects at a time. This will not affect the quality of the websites created, but will have positive impact upon their profit. The more websites they manage to develop – the more money they will earn.
  • No Need to Maintain a Project After Its Completion. Having developed a project, you won’t have to manage it afterwards. Most website builders are simple for average users, which gives them an opportunity to edit and maintain them on their own, without the need to contact web developers. The systems frequently come with tech and customer support assistance, which also eliminates the necessity to get in touch with web developers to solve specific website-related problems.
  • Rich Portfolio. As far as website builders allow designing several projects at a time, web developers and web studios get a chance to enrich their portfolio in quite a short period of time. As a result, you will get an extensive collection of quality websites to showcase to your clients and build customer base.

Website builders are generally used to create different types of websites with regard to the needs of users. Some of them are universal in nature, while others work great for completion of specific tasks, such as online store or portfolio creation. Let’s have a look at the top services, which can help you launch different websites, but differ a bit in their functionality and feature set.

IM Creator

im creator

  • IM Creator is a cloud website builder, which has already gained popularity with non-techies and web design pros around the world. The system is much simpler and more convenient for average users than lots of other web building tools and it is also much more affordable. In fact, the website builder is absolutely free for newbies, who wish to establish reliable web presence. It is a top choice for artists, creatives, students and business owners, who aim at building promo websites, portfolios or landing creater featuresWebsites created with the system stand out from the crowd due to their impressive design, nice SEO parameters, simple navigation and excellent performance. They are easy-to-browse for people with little or no experience in web surfing, which is an extra system benefit. IM Creator offers great blogging and eCommerce features and allows creating websites in less than no time.
  • Designs. With IM Creator, you can design your website layout by selecting, arranging and positioning sections on a web page. There are lots of design options you can choose from to give your project outstanding look. Whether you plan to create a slideshow, an image or video gallery, add animated effects or other website elements, IM Creator will provide you with an abundance of design options. The system comes with a rich template collection, which enlists dozens of high quality themes to come up to any creater designThe templates are responsive and can adjust to any screens and resolutions of mobile devices they are browsed on. Due to the subdivision of templates into thematic sections (Restaurants, Wedding, Business, Popular, Fashion etc.), choosing a suitable variant won’t trigger any problems. After the choice of the template, you can customize it in the control panel of the website builder by using multiple tools available there.
  • Professional Tools. IM Creator has a scalable white label solution for clients, who intend to use the system under their own brand name without any hassle and time loss. In this case, the system makes it possible to launch and connect the unlimited number of websites under your own brand name, with your own domain, customer support, templates etc. The service offers integrated hosting, which eliminates the need to search for a trusted hosting provider elsewhere. This is a perfect solution for independent designers, web studios, hosting companies, resellers and business owners. With IM Creator, you get a full-fledged customized web page editor without the need to use third-party re-branding assistance.



  • Features. Webydo is a decent solution for professional web designers and web studios. This is an intuitive and powerful website builder, the range of options and features of which can come up even to the most exquisite web design objectives. The website builder works great for launching bulky and complicated projects.webydo featuresIts drag-and-drop web page editor and Photoshop-like dashboard may seem complicated for users with little or no web design expertise, but it is still possible to master and use the system, especially if you have ever worked with Adobe Photoshop and have time to learn the nuances of the platform. Webydo comes with eCommerce and blogging features included, which allows designing quality online stores and blogs with regard to your needs.
  • Designs. Webydo is one of those website builders, which are focused on website design more than on its performance. This doesn’t mean that websites created with the system lack functionality. This just means that the range of web design options is more extensive here than that of the functionality features. The system doesn’t offer many widgets and applications, but it can boast the selection of design options.webydo designsThus, you can choose between three website design methods. You can select one of customizable ready made templates, choose the website layout to define your project structure in advance or build a website from scratch. Whatever solution you will go for, you will not regret the result, which is on the top notch level. Webydo templates are responsive by default. Additionally, you can make use of Parallax Scrolling Animator options, Flash files, videos, menus and other website elements to give your projects advanced functionality.
  • Professional Tools. Webydo has the integrated CMS that reduces the web design hassle to the minimum, enabling you to add, manage and update the required content anywhere and anytime and ensuring great result. The system also allows using the White Label option to make it possible for any client to use the system under the required brand name and with the most suitable hosting, themes, customer support etc. With Webydo, you can create as many websites as you need without losing your brand identity.



  • The major Mobirise feature and its main distinction from other website builders reviewed in the article is its offline-based nature. The system cannot be used in the online mode. Instead, this is the offline software you have to download and install prior to developing websites with it. This, however, is a benefit for many users, who are concerned with their websites’ safety and consider it more convenient to design projects without the Internet connection.mobirise featuresMobirise is intended for non-techies, who lack web design skills, but have the desire and aspiration to launch websites for personal or business use. No coding is needed here, while the very process of website creation comes down to the choice of templates, blocks and content to fill them out. Mobirise works best for creating landing pages and promo websites. The web design process is simple and convenient here. There is nothing complicated about it due to the simple drag-and-drop editor and rich feature set.
  • Designs. Mobirise is initially a block-based system, but it also has a number of pre-designed templates you can customize as you need. The process is easy, intuitive and quick. Mobirise themes are free and paid, so, it’s up to you to make the choice. Paid options are more versatile and allow building quality portfolios, online stores, restaurant and lawyer websites as well as other projects. As to the blocks you can choose, modify and arrange to your liking, there are over 600 of them here. The collection is regularly updated to stick to recent web design trends.mobirise designsAmong the blocks you can integrate into your website, the following ones enjoy the utmost popularity: headers, footers, articles, sliders, full-screen intros, lightbox galleries, testimonials, features, counters, social blocks, progress bar and cycles, countdowns, timelines and more. Editing and changing block positions is easy and quick. They are flexible in terms of customization and adhere to the latest industry trends.
  • Professional Tools. One of the major Mobirise highlights is that the system offers the AMP Website Builder option, which allows creating AMP web pages in a quick and hassle-free way. Mobirise was the first website builder to introduce this tool. To launch your AMP website with the system, you’ll just need to choose and adjust the required website elements and save the result to publish your website afterwards. This is a surefire way to get a quality AMP website (a blog, a news website, an Internet magazine etc.) featuring smooth and impressive performance. Another benefit of the system is that there is no need to choose the internal system hosting – Mobirise offers an opportunity to select external hosting providers that meet your goals most of all.



  • Features. uKit is a popular small business website builder, which encompasses ease of use, convenience, safety, reputability and affordability. The system is a great choice for non-tech savvy users, who have an intention to build a business website with no investment of effort and money as well as for web design pros pursuing their own goals or willing to develop multiple client projects. uKit is a drag-and-drop cloud website builder, simplicity and convenience of which adhere to the needs and preferences of millions of users worldwide. Even those users, who have never built websites before, can start decent websites by following easy step-by-step instructions – so understandable the process is.ukit featuresTo maximize the effect, uKit offers widgets and applications to be added to your website. They are meant for various web design goals and can have notable impact upon your website performance. For those users, who value their website safety above all (and there are millions of them out there), uKit offers and opportunity to connect the SSL Certificate to ensure maximum security and data protection.
  • Designs. uKit template collection is really impressive. With so many high quality templates designed by professional web developers with regard to the latest industry trends, the choice of the top solution will not be a problem. There are dozens of professional themes that can be customized as you prefer. uKit themes fall into lots of categories based on their topics and specialization. This is done to simplify users’ search. All in all, there are over 350 responsive templates here, while the number of thematic categories constitutes 38 sections, including the one with universal templates.ukit designsThe process of template customization is easy and quick as they already come with thematic images and quality texts. Demo content can be edited and changed as you need. Such an impressive template collection will certainly boost your website promotion success. Keep in mind, though, that uKit does not allow changing templates on the go. This means that if you decide to change the template during the web design process, the content you’ve submitted will be lost. To prevent this from happening, try to make the right choice from the start.
  • Professional Tools. uKit now offers an opportunity to integrate AmoCRM widget to your website in a few clicks. The widget makes it possible to track your customers’ relations within your project, manage tasks and orders for your team members. This is a must-have tool for eCommerce websites and other business projects, which allows launching effective promo campaigns and get maximum benefit from your investment into advertising. Another uKit benefit is the White Label option it grants to its corporate clients. This gives you a chance to use the website builder under your own brand name to grow customer trust, drive traffic and increase client base.

Bottom Line

Website building doesn’t have to be complicated, time-taking and tiresome. Instead, it should bring you maximum satisfaction and ensure decent result that will come up to your goals and expectations. To bring the web design hassle to the minimum, it makes sense to use website builders – simple, user-friendly and convenient systems, which are specially meant for people, who are not aware of web design basics. These systems offer lots of benefits to non-tech savvy users and they are also effective for web design pros. IM Creator, Webydo, Mobirise and uKit are among the top professional website builders you can make use of to launch a decent website today. If you are right about to start working on your website development, take your time to use any of these systems to increase the efficacy of the web building process.

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