top-social-listening-tools-and-platformsIf you’re a blogger, marketer or business owner, the technology, tools and software platforms you use can make a significant difference in your success or lack thereof. One area that can be important yet is often overlooked, is social listening.

Social listening tools can provide numerous opportunities for bloggers, marketers and business owners, both new and experienced, to change the way they create content and target their audience, and the technology paving the way for effective social listening is extensive.

While there are widely available technology options aimed at social listening, they’re not used as frequently as they probably should be.

Below are some of the best technology-based options to perform social listening and learn how to make more money from a blog, website or overall marketing strategies.


Keyhole is a social analytics platform designed to help people see what’s happening on Twitter and Instagram, allowing them to improve not only their social campaigns but also to have actionable data they need to create more effective content strategies and digital marketing.

Some of the key features available with keyhole include hashtag and keyword trackers, API access, historical data, influencer and competitor tracking and live streams. It also features robust reporting options including PDF and Excel reports as well as automated reporting.

Bloggers can use Keyhole to stay ahead of everything in their industry, build relationships with influencers and also be several steps ahead of their competitors.


Cyfe considers itself an “all-in-one business dashboard app”. It can be used to collect a broad set of business-related data, and it can be useful for bloggers as well. With Cyfe, users can view a startup dashboard which lets them see how many people are taking particular actions such as new sign ups or subscriptions. It can also be used to integrate how you view reporting for advertising, SEO, social media and analytics.

The social media dashboard and web analytics dashboards can be particularly relevant for bloggers and marketers who want to make comparisons, monitor brand mentions, check out SEO keyword rankings and more.

Cyfe is unique from many other similar tools and technology solutions because it gives users the opportunity to design a custom dashboard.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is well-known among bloggers and digital marketers, and it provides a comprehensive social media monitoring platform. Users of Sprout Social can do everything from scheduling updates across their social media profiles to sourcing new content.

It can also be used to respond to followers in a streamlined way, and of course, the analytics are great as well.

Specific social listening tools from Sprout Social include cross-network tagging, advanced and customizable historical Twitter keyword tracking, automated Twitter listening that’s easy to set up, and keyword data visualization. Advanced options from Sprout Social include the ability to analyze sentiment and growth, and multi-dimensional listening.

Bloggers are constantly looking for technology and software to stay ahead of what’s happening in their industry. Social media engagement and listening tools like the ones above can help them keep their ear to the ground, which is essential to not only know what’s going on in your niche and among your readers and competitors but also to keep you ahead of trends.