work from home tips guidesWorking from home can bring all kinds of benefits, but it also poses a few unique challenges. Many people struggle to be productive and work effectively if they are working from home, but there are various ways you can improve your performance whilst also separating your home and work life. Once you have got used to working from home, you will soon start to enjoy it and be able to take advantage of the positives like no commute and flexible working hours, plus you will also be performing to a high level and getting your work completed each day.

Home Office

In order to work effectively, you will need a home office that is away from distraction. Choose a quiet part of the house (ideally a spare room) which can be converted into a home office. A separate office will help you to separate your work from your personal life which is one of the biggest hurdles that home workers face. Ideally, this office will have enough space and have plenty of natural light. It should also be a clear, tidy space. You should also have all the equipment that you need including storage solutions for any documents and clutter. If you find you have to have a clear out of all your old documents and storage boxes to make room for your new home office, you can find products online to help them clear out processes such as cardboard baling wire.

Create A Schedule

One of the notable perks of working from home is the fact that you do not have a commute and there is the flexibility to your work, but in order to be productive, you need to maintain a schedule. Make sure that you are getting up at the same time each day with plenty of time to eat and have a shower. Try to take your lunch at the same time each day and finish at the same time. It is ok to change your schedule from time to time, but having set times will help you to work effectively each day.

Get Out

It can be very easy to get cabin fever when you work from home so try to get out of the house as much as possible. This could be meeting a friend for lunch, going to the gym, or simply going for a walk at the start or end of the day (another good way to separate personal and work-life). Working from home can offer a lot of flexibility, so take advantage of this by getting out to break up the day or when you are struggling to focus.

Switch Off

At the end of the working day, it is important to switch off so that you can relax and enjoy your evening without thinking about work. This is easy to do when working in an office as you physically leave the building, but it is much harder to do at home. Physically switching off the computer, closing the office door and immediately doing something leisurely will help – this could include reading, going for a walk, meeting up with a friend, etc.

When you get the hang of it, working from home can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial. It can be challenging, however, but the above should help anyone to work effectively and separate their work from home.