The trend of buying goods and ordering services online is quickly picking up the pace. The number of users making different kinds of transactions on the Internet as well as the number of websites that provide this opportunity is steadily increasing. It explains the fact why business owners are trying to make this process as simple and convenient as possible. One of the tools designed for this purpose is an online calculator for goods or services.

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What is an online calculator and where can I get that?

An online calculator is a software product that allows users to calculate the cost of products or services on the seller’s website taking into account various parameters and characteristics. This way, a visitor can estimate the total cost of products or services on their own without getting in touch with the manager and make a decision to buy from your online store.

Online calculators can be useful for a huge number of business websites, for example:

  • construction companies (for calculating the amount of repair materials or the cost of repair work)
  • finance and investment companies (to calculate loan payments, interest rates)
  • real estate agencies (for choosing the available housing and office options)
  • cleaning companies (to calculate the cost of cleaning services)
  • cafes and restaurants (for making menus and ordering meals), etc.

Creating a calculator – like any other software – requires the knowledge of programming languages. For this reason, such tools previously had to be ordered from web studios or freelance developers.

Webmasters who independently develop websites using one of CMS’s (content management systems) can find and install a necessary plug-in to their site.

In recent years, creating calculators for products and services has become possible with the help of builder services that require no special knowledge and skills. Moreover, such calculators can be made for free or with minimal investments.

Here are the advantages of creating a calculator with online builders:

  • Budget-friendly. By building and updating a calculator form on your own, you will save on expensive developing services.
  • Time-saving. Creating a calculator with the help of a builder is a matter of several hours even for beginner online entrepreneurs.
  • Convenient. By using ready-made widgets in a visual editor, a user can build a calculator fully customized for their needs.

Creating an online calculator with uCalc builder

uСalc is an online builder of calculators and forms. The service allows you to create a calculator on your own for placing it on a website, sharing it on social media or in messengers.

Creating a calculator based on the uCalc platform consists of several simple steps:

  • Sign up. You can register with uCalc in the traditional way by using your email address or simply log in with your social media account (Facebook or Google+).

create calculator form

  • Create a calculator or form. You can do it from scratch or by taking one of the ready-made themed templates as a basis.

customize calculator design

  • Customize the design. A calculator layout consists of separate blocks. No matter if it’s built from scratch or by editing a ready-made template, you can always add any of these elements: list, slider, checkbox, radio button, field, text, image and button. You can also select one of 4 design themes, change the background color and a color scheme of the elements.

calculator formula

  • Work out a formula. Along with the mathematical expressions, a calculator has logical operators (“if”, “or”, “and“) that can be used for setting up a result depending on various conditions.

embed calculator code

  • Embed code. The service will generate a code that you need to copy and paste to the necessary place on your website.

calculator codes
The calculator can be connected to statistics services, for example Google Analytics, and also to PayPal for receiving payments with the help of the special button.

Adding a calculator for products or services will help a business website stand out among the competitors, save your managers’ time and increase their productivity, improve behavioral factors and rank the website higher in search results.

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