using automation to grow your tiktok account
2019 saw the rise of the music video app TikTok. The platform has exploded over the last year with the number of users estimated to be more than snapchat and twitter. If you are just starting on TikTok and want to grow your account quickly don’t worry, you haven’t been left behind and we can help. There are a variety of strategies that can help you grow your following quickly to make sure that your feed gets noticed.


One of the most tried and tested ways of growing your social media presence is through automation. It takes time to reach out to other users and comment and like their posts. Why not automate these actions to free up time so you can do what is important, such as create videos? TikTok bots run off the basic principle that users like to be validated, through giving users this, the chances are is that they will reciprocate and validate your content in return, thus growing your brand.

As the process is automated, it can reach a far higher number of accounts than manual interaction so you will see growth straight away! You will need to configure your automation tool prior to setting it loose on TikTok, make sure you know which communities you want to target before you click go. If you don’t take the time to configure your automation tool to reflect the audience you want to engage with, you may well find that your followers don’t increase as quickly as expected.

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If you are unsure of your potential target market or audience, look at other accounts that are offering similar content to what you are or what you plan on offering your users. By looking at their followers you will be able to work out their rough ages, locations, interests and other data points to help you get your tool started. You can always reassess and make your margins for interaction narrower once you have seen the response you get from the first initial automation run.

Purchasing Followers and Likes

Before you start purchasing TikTok followers, you need to make sure that you are purchasing real active users. TikTok has followed Instagram’s lead by punishing accounts that don’t operate with a positive ratio of followers to engagement. If you purchase fake followers who aren’t active, it will do nothing but decrease that ratio and TikTok will respond by not publicising your account to other users. The follower to like ratio is that important that you need to be purchasing engagement too, it is this engagement on your posts that will get your content seen by others.

You can purchase likes without followers, and your ratio will increase, but just buying likes may look suspect to other users, especially if your numbers are low. Set realistic targets for how many followers to you want to gain and drip feed them onto your account to make the newfound interest in your feed look genuine. When you purchase followers, try to make sure that they are targeted and represent the market and community you want to engage with.

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Final thoughts

If you didn’t get on TikTok in 2019, don’t worry you haven’t missed the curve and you’ll be able to get your account on track in no time at all. If you are already managing multiple social media accounts, look to automation and purchasing followers to help grow your account quickly and successfully. This way you can make sure that you are working on what TikTok is all about and that is the content, without high quality content you may find that your account won’t grow.