content marketing to promote your saas business

Like any form of digital marketing, marketing for SaaS companies has some challenges that are specific to the industry. For one, SaaS companies need to move beyond positioning themselves as a software company, and need to present themselves as a solution company. However, one key advantage that SaaS companies have over other forms of digital businesses, such as an eCommerce store, is that they don’t have to promote specific products in the same way. However, the flip side to this is that no one is specifically looking for software to solve their problems. As such, SaaS companies need to use their marketing to offer a value proposition of not only how they can solve a user’s problems, but how they can use software to do it.

Content marketing is a typical tactic that companies will turn to do. However, just because you put out quality content does not mean that it will attract users to your software. In fact, there is so much content marketing out there that most people won’t even know that your SaaS company is creating content unless you have a method to direct users toward it.

The best way to do this is through the use of a SaaS content marketing strategy. Using a SaaS content marketing strategy, your SaaS company can gear its content toward SEO and use keywords to target this content. Using keywords, you can make sure that potential users can actually find your content, part of it is created in a comprehensive way that is user-friendly and also targeted toward search engines.

For example, if you are a SaaS company in the customer success space, you may want to write a guide about customer success or the customer journey in order to better position yourself as an authority in this space. You can also perform extensive keyword research around these terms to see if there are any secondary keywords you want to include in this content. Secondary keywords can be longtail keywords, questions, or even variants of your seed keyword that you are gearing your piece of content toward. In other words, a good SaaS content marketing will have some strong keyword targeting behind it and will also think about ways that a SaaS company can position itself as an authority in the space that it is trying to serve.

In order to have a successful SaaS business, you’ll have to use content marketing. However, creating more content does not make your content strategy more effective. Arbitrarily trying to meet certain goals of content quantity will not help your SaaS business. Rather, you should invest in high-quality content and target it toward keywords that you want your SaaS business to rank for. Only then will you be able to attract new users and build authority around your SaaS business in a way that is sustainable and will help your rank on Google for target keywords and also generate buzz around your SaaS product by garnering podcast appearances, interviews, and more.