Content Marketing Trends For 2021 And Improve Your Website

Content marketing has grown aggressively in recent years. One of the most compelling ways to attract attention and make your content stand out is to make sure the brand align and resonate with the content. This acts as a catalyst to build brand awareness and strengthen the company’s prominence and reputation. The critical factor in fostering brand awareness through content marketing is strategic planning.

Here are some evolving trends of 2021 which will help you develop a structured and well-planned content marketing strategy and can be used to refine your website

  • Connecting customers through video, podcast, and webinars: The best thing about Audio or video content is that they don’t require high production quality or processes. Webinars as a medium are becoming increasingly popular because you can watch and listen to the information rather than reading it. Another advantage of a webinar is that you can link it to your blogs about homogeneous topics. A study by Demand Gen Report revealed that 75% of B2B buyers consumed webinars in 2019 and 70% of researchers watch some video through their buying journey. We affirm that multiple types of Audio and video content marketing are here to stay in 2021.
  • Content to map Buyer Journey: Content marketeers do not use every piece of content they generate for lead generation. Content around the customer life cycle generates more influence over buyer decisions. Understanding and interpreting stages of awareness help shape the content and will play a larger role in 2021.
  • Evaluating AI-powered Tools and content: AI-powered content tools such as Contenteum are futuristic and use data to create captions, summaries, and content for blog posts. Thanks to AI tools, marketers can get quick and detailed insights into industry trends and audience preferences.
  • Growing Competition: The pandemic has made many businesses survive only because they were present online. With most businesses investing in online marketing so that their content gets noticed, it is inevitably growing. But the best part about content marketing is that, if used creatively, it can win over big budgets.
  • Multiplying SEO efforts: SEO has been and will continually remain critical for content. Capturing niche, long-tail keywords, and creating engaging content as part of SEO will be a big trend. This will require marketers to creating a solid SEO strategy and keyword research to hunt long-tail opportunities.
  • Guide With a Purpose: Purpose-driven businesses are increasingly becoming famous and essential as many people are looking to interact with businesses that care about the world. It demands that you implement the right purpose-driven content marketing strategy organically and authentically that benefits everyone involved in some way or the other.
  • Repurposing content across channels: Creating engaging content with fewer resources is crucial for repurposing content across channels. The best way to share content with multiple people is to repurpose it. 2021 will witness many content teams effectively using content from webinars, round tables, podcasts, and conferences to churn the content wheel.
  • Upgrading content experience: Focus on content experience is an anticipated and important content marketing trend. This is crucial to driving better ROI with content. Content experience includes text content, webinars, videos, podcast episodes, and tactical calls-to-action sprinkled throughout.
  • Content induced Remarketing: With competition getting severe and consumer journeys becoming complicated, it has become difficult to generate actual sales from your content. Content-driven remarketing gives businesses another chance to impress consumers, recapture their attention, and make them value the brand.

While you’re planning your content marketing strategy for the year, use the best content marketing tools and keep in mind that the overall focus for 2021 is creating high-quality content that does more for your business and marketing success.

Author Bio:

Content Marketing Trends For 2021 And Improve Your Website

Sofia David is a digital content marketer at Contenteum where she heads and executes the content creation strategies. Contenteum is a holistic platform that helps SEO agencies and content teams in planning, researching, creating, optimizing, and publishing content to help with rankings.

Sofia believes that good content is what offers true value to the reader and that is why she creates content with a reader-first mindset. When she’s not working on new content, she finds pleasure in gardening and loves to play Scrabble every chance she gets.