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For businesses to excel in the modern digital era, there is no escaping Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO!!

SEO is indeed a vast ocean and there are many types of SEO such as technical SEO, product SEO, and local SEO; and the technicalities can often catch us off-guard!

But when you seek professional services by an expert SEO agency and collaborate with top web design agency specialists you can be sure to move towards a path to success. The best professionals know which tools and applications can bring out the best SEO performance from your website and help you grow.

These tools when used properly can help you to keep a track of daily achievements and goals, and also help your website secure a stronger organic presence in search engines.

Let’s look at the top 10 technical SEO tools that experts recommend for use in 2020.

  1. ContentKing AppThe main function of this web-based tool is to monitor your website at all times for detecting any sort of problems and promptly notify you. It is mostly used for real-time SEO audit purposes.
  2. Dareboost – Want to test the performance of your site? Then Dareboost is your “go-to” SEO tool. The major functions of this tool are: – First, to maintain the loading speed of your site. Second, it will tell you how to rectify the probable issues that are responsible for slowing down your website.
  3. Deep Crawl – This amazing SEO tool literally crawls into your site and checks every page intently, scrutinizes everything and then submits a report. This report consists of the list stating how many H1 tags have been used every page, how many pages remain non-indexed, how many broken internal as well as external links are still present and it will also notify about whether the descriptions provided on the twitter cards are very long or not. This is an efficient tool that can be of immense importance to your business.
  4. EasyRedir – When it comes to redirecting traffic from this domain to that, EasyRedir plays a very important role. This SEO tool provides you with the DNS information which is much needed when you want to send URLs to people. You can use this DNS info to manage all of the redirects easily.
  5. Forecheck – This tool effectively uncovers the various issues that might be slowing down the progress of your website on Google. There can be issues in your site which are preventing your website from making it to the first page of Google. This tool will highlight the issues in different colors so that you can understand the problems clearly and manage them.
  6. Google Analytics – Almost 90% of SEO experts present worldwide use this tool. This tool shows you the pages of your website which get lovely impressions and get clicked mostly on Google. There is an option to view your pages on the CTR field and determine which one has the best click-through rate. You can also view the progress of organic traffic.
  7. Lipperhey – This tool checks your website to identify all the issues related to technical SEO. You will be able to carry out the SEO content analysis efficiently with the help of this tool.
  8. LinkPatrol – Want to know about this amazing WordPress plugin? With the help of this one, you will be able to find out all the external links of your website. Suppose there are links you want to remove, then LinkPatrol will make your work super easy. You have to just choose the domain and leave the rest on LinkPatrol.
  9. Microdata Generator – You will be able to create local SEO with the help of this tool. You just have to enter the basic information about your business such as an address, name, opening hours, and so on… leave the rest on Microdata Generator.
  10. Plugin SEO – For an on-page SEO analyzer which is free, you can bank on this tool. This one will ask you to rectify all the issues your pages have and you are good to go.

There are other technical SEO tools as well, but these are among the most popular ones that are used by reputable agencies and companies all over the world and with amazing results.

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