web-designing-mistakes-made-by-small-business-steer-clear-to-create-the-desired-impactA vital piece of your branding and marketing efforts is your small business website. Visitors click on your website for a particular reason and you would want to assure that your website answers their questions and is used to sell your services and products. With such significance, if you get your website designed in a wrong way, you will lose thousands of dollars and ultimately lose even more on possible revenue which you could be earning from a properly-functioning and well-designed website.

Research reveals that at the first place, the huge majority of consumers turn online for information on local business. Thanks to the high speed internet that customers get to check out your business website even before speaking to you or paying a physical visit. They use their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to reach out to your website. So, your business has to be visible online. You can grow your bottomline by averting some of the common mistakes committed by business owners.

Mistake #1: Putting necessity over comprehending your target audience

Rather than focusing on how fast you can get your website done, you should first make a comprehensive research on the target audience in your specific niche. Once you do this research, you should base your website around the results. If your target audience is older, the font size of your website may need to be larger and if it is geared towards the young adults, you may have to think of a website which caters to mobile devices. You need to determine where your users should go once they visit your site. If you know your market, this question is answered!

Mistake #2: Designing is too flashy or busy

Being a website designer, you should know that in order to achieve success on the Internet, you have to primarily focus on marketing your website. Only having a flashy design won’t be of any help. Ensure that your web design should not only focus on bringing users down to your site but you should also get them to the perfect place once they reach the homepage of your site. Flashy sites look unattractive on tablets and mobile devices. Now that you know that majority of the Internet users visit sites from wireless devices, you should cater to their likes and dislikes.

Mistake #3: No clear and distinct CTA (Call to Action)

What would you want your users to do once they have reached to your site? Do you want them to purchase your product or contact you or subscribe to your newsletter? Your designing should be done in such a manner that you inform visitors what their next step is. The content in your business website should answer the question, “What is there in the website for me?” The right CTAs placed at the right place prompts them what to do next.

Mistake #4: Paying either too much or way too little

Most often it is seen that small business owners commit the blunder of hiring a cheap and inexperienced web designer and allow them to make business decisions which ultimately end up in a horrible product. On the other hand, there are companies which get distracted by the costly agencies which only work with bigger brands and little do they realize that such costly agencies may not be comfortable in working with ROI-focussed small businesses. To put it simply, don’t blow off your budget on your site; instead do the required researches to ensure you obtain a high quality product.

The first experience of your customers with your brand is through your website. If you don’t have any experience on designing, do you think you can do justice to your site? Get help of a professional and expert designer and don’t let your customers make poor assumptions on your business due to a badly designed website.