Are you looking for new ways to optimize your WordPress website so that you get more visitors, shoppers, customers and subscribers? This is the wish of most blog website owners, but many fail to generate enough momentum to turn their online venture into a success. Below are some of the most effective ways you can optimize your WordPress website.


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The search engines and your website visitors prefer a website that has a straightforward layout and is easy to navigate. The initial webpages you add to your website should include details about your business, what products and services you provide, a contact page, a privacy page and any other web pages you believe should be included.

If you intend to blog, it’s a good idea to create categories for each type of blog post you publish. This demonstrates to the search engines and your audience that you have your reader’s best interests at heart.


If you don’t have content, very few people will find your website and if someone does find it, they won’t stay for very long. The search engines take the same approach and will usually ignore a website that has very little content or poor quality content.

Every time you publish content, it should be optimized as much as possible. Text in particular can be optimized in a number of ways. You can optimize web page URL’s, titles, descriptions, headings, tags and include relevant keywords your target audience use to find the type of content you are publishing.

Adding content in other formats is also advisable. Other popular content formats include images, videos and audio files, which all have the potential to enhance the content you publish. These other content formats are more difficult to optimize, but you can rename videos and images, so that they include important keywords in their filenames.


Backlinking or adding links from other websites to your website is an effective way to improve your website’s rankings. Each link to your website is a vote of confidence in your website and the search engines take note of this.

However, many people try to trick the search engines by adding their website to huge numbers of other websites. In recent years the search engines have learned how to detect this suspicious SEO activity, so you should make sure your backlinking activities look as natural as possible.

It’s also important that you only create links on reputable websites.  Making sure your links are indexed, too, will help to improve your ranking.

Social Signals

Content and backlinks were originally the two main factors the search engines were concerned about when they ranked a WordPress website and its web pages. However, social interaction on websites is another aspect that has become extremely important.

WordPress has all the features you need to be able to comment, share and interact with your online audience. The more interaction that takes place on your website, the more your website will be noticed and looked upon favorably by the search engines.

As you can see, there are many different ways you can optimize a website. Each of these methods is equally important, so you should aim to address each of the factors mentioned above.