what info to put on business cards


Business cards are arguably a necessity for nearly every business nowadays. They can be one of the easier, yet efficient ways to promote the business. Just hand over your business card along with different brochures and files that you hand over to your clients and you are good to go. But the thing that people fail to comprehend is the things that they should be filling in their business cards. The business card should have just the right amount of information. Overloading of information can cause the card to look all jumbled up, not serving the purpose entirely. You can find some of the business cards, here.

Contact Information and Identity

It goes without saying that contact information is a necessary element for any business card. No matter how beautiful your card is, without the basic identification details, a business card will be of no use. The few basics that are necessary for any business card must include the name and main business purpose. In addition to it, if the business owns a logo, then it must also be clearly visible on the face of the card. The email address, a reachable phone number, and an online web address must also be given to help the customers in reaching out to you.

A Small Pictorial Visual Displaying Your Work

Obviously, a business card is not that big that it can accommodate large pictures which is why people tend to avoid having pictures in their business cards. However, a small picture can actually take your business card to the next level. The picture can be as simple as describing your business or the work that you do. This not only gives the customers an idea of what your business is about but also catches their attention to the card. Since people have a standardized business card size, it is advisable to keep your card within the range of 3.5 by 2 inches.

Location Map of Your Outlet

This option is completely optional as it richly depends upon the type of business you have. In case you have a business that has a factory outlet or a shop that people can approach, then it is highly recommended to get a location map of your outlet or shop on the back end of your business card. Make sure that you give multiple routes to your location so that people approaching from different parts can easily reach your place. This is a highly effective way to increase the overall turnover to your location.

Bright Colors

Although this is a no-brainer often people tend to overlook this. The essence of any business card lies in simplicity and elegance. However, making a card too simple might make it boring for the end-user and they might not give much attention to it. Make sure that you include bright and interesting colors in your card as it will make it much nice. Another important tip is to make sure that your Pre paid business cards are of good quality. Try and get your card made of thick cardboard so that the customers can keep the cards for a long.