We live in a competitive era. It has become very difficult for businesses to survive. There are hundreds of businesses doing the same job, offering the same products and services. This requires them to maintain quality in each and every aspect.

why customer feedback is important business growth
Highly successful businesses tend to make their customers happy. They pursue each and every method that maintains customer satisfaction and hence they remain loyal. Here is where customer feedback comes into play. It is a marketing term where businesses obtain customer’s opinion about them and their products and services.

It is highly important for you to remain successful. It provides marketers and businesses different opinions and insights which can be used to improve the overall customer experience. Here are some of the reasons why it is so vital to your businesses’ health:

1. Can improve quality

Whether your business is manufacturing products or providing services to end consumers, you want them to be of high quality. Customer feedback is one way to ensure that quality. Most innovative companies around the world are excellent at creating products that meet the needs to their customers. This is why opinions from your customers count a lot.

2. A medium to measure customer satisfaction

You want your customer to be satisfied in order for him/her to return back. Customer loyalty will determine the success of your business. Customer feedback is a medium to measure how satisfied your customers are.

These can be done via email, phone, in person or using websites, mobile applications or using other platforms. Online review platforms are also customers. One of them is Lodlois which provides an information source that helps consumers judge products and services so that they make intelligent purchase decisions.

3. Improve customer retention

improve customer retention
Customer feedbacks directly connect you with your customers so you can determine how happy they are with your products and services. A happy customer is a loyal customer. If you customer becomes frustrated by the quality you offer, they may head towards your competitor. By listening to your unsatisfied customers, you can address their needs and demands directly and make sure all of them have a happy experience.

4. Make better business decisions

Business is all about making decisions. This is the most basic rule of economics. Looking at the customer feedbacks will allow you to make better choices that can benefit your business.

Business decisions must be based on data and not intuitions. Get rid of an impulsive approach. Customer feedback is tangible data that be leveraged in many ways. You can gather real insight into how the customers really feel about your business. This feedback can drive your business and more specifically your marketing decisions. If a large proportion of customers want something to take place, then listen to them.


Given the importance of customer feedbacks, it is really important to make sure you focus on this specific issue. It can be used to improve your business and customer’s experience. Your success is directly proportional to customer’s satisfaction and happiness. Treat them like kings and you will see miracles happen.