popular health apps android
One cannot lay down more emphasis on the mantra ‘health is wealth’. At some point in time one would realize that physical and mental health is the most important thing. Better health can lead to better functionality and even low hospital bills.

Gone are the days when the only way to maintain your health was to visit a conventional doctor’s clinic in your district. We live in a smart era now. There are tons of smartphone applications that can assist you in eating better, exercising better and ultimately living better.

There is a multitude of applications easily available now. For instance, you can read Bestiews to get better insights into health related news and cope up with new health trends in the society. Nevertheless, here are 5 popular health related applications that you might want to consider:


This word is a combination of ‘food’ and ‘educate’. As the name speaks for itself, the application features over 250,000 food to compare which acts as your ideal dietician. The application keeps track of your food intake and other variables (generic prednisone) that may have an impact on your health. Some parts of the application are free however some may need a paid subscription to unlock.


This is one of the most popular health applications. It does an optimum job in keeping your diet in check. Having a large database of food items, it keeps track of your every dietary consumption. It also integrates with other applications to make it more functional. There are also a number of exercise demonstrations and a fitness community you can engage with.

Runtastic running

This is a very popular health app. It includes graphs, statistics, exercise tracking and a lot more fitness related features. It even consists of a shoe tracker. This tells you when to buy new shoes. The subscription is relatively inexpensive compared to many of the similar applications. It has been integrated with other fitness applications like the Google Fit.

You are your own gym

It is one of the most useful health apps in the market. The application contains a number of exercise that the users can perform. None of them requires you to go to the gym. It is an ideal application for people who cannot afford to or for some other reasons cannot join a gym. Several videos and routines are included in this application. However, the only downside associated with it is that you need to purchase it but in a nominal price.

Yoga studio

yoga studio health app
This is unquestionably one of the best Yoga apps in the Android market. Yoga is a really good exercise for many people. This application is good for beginners at least who can access a number of Yoga exercises. It may even be an average application for experts out there. You can even create your own routines. It has a library of a number of poses. It may be an ideal try for you if you are a Yoga enthusiast.