why page speed is important to a website
Page speed is as important to a user as it is to any search engine out there, because very simply the speed of the page relates directly to the quality of service of a page, and ultimately the quality of the service/organization that owns the website. It may be quite simple to understand that having a page with slower loading speeds is quite annoying, but the entire analysis as to why it is important to any website out there is given below.

For Visitors

This is perhaps the most understandable part of the website experience. A visitor will not want to be on a page if it does not offer fast loading speeds and take a lot of time to buffer. You as a user will be aware of all the alternative websites that you can find on a search engine which can offer you more or less of the same services, and if the first pick on the search engine is taking a lot of time to load due to increased network traffic or some server issues, you will not hesitate to jump your ship.

This is essentially why it is so important in the case of visitors; a website owner runs the risk of losing influence over the online market entirely if his/her web page is slow, and this is a possibility which the owner does not want to come true.

The Search Engine

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Google is the most active search engine in the online world, and it has regarded page speed as one of the most important factors to decide the quality of a page and rank it. This is another reason for website owners to run a page with a faster pace, otherwise regardless of how well you use SEO you cannot get any engine to get you points enough to rank your website highly and display it on the first page.

The internet works mostly on a first come first serve basis, so if you take the fact that your page is not being displayed very lightly you will have a much less influx of traffic.

Nullifies Advertising

You can promote your page on as many social media sites as you like and get people to visit it, but if the overall experience of being on your page revolves around a buffer sign going round and round for five minutes before the page actually opens, no amount of advertising can help you gain enough traffic.

Advertising is a major expense in businesses, so it is important that you do not end up wasting the business money on something that does not get your enough visitors.

Web page load time is crucial to sites that provide updates every few second such as live sports news, forex trading news, local or international events news. If these regularly updated forums end up taking so much time to load then by the time they display the update the news will have gone obsolete, which is why page speed holds a lot of significance for website owners.